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Barguil, Hermans, Kristoff, Naesen, Laporte among the starters of the eighth edition... [Read More]
In today's letters to the editor: Alberta's pandemic plan; Ottawa and Muskrat Falls; Arctic sovereignty; the Olympics and mental health... [Read More]
Dozens of families in Sanikiluaq, an Inuit community in the Canadian Arctic, are combing the terrain for one of nature's marvels — eiderdown, the warmest... [Read More]
An Arctic-themed book reading session and programming are being organized for kids and adults as part of Summer in the Arctic program. [Read More]
TEMPLEGATE goes in search of more winners on Monday. Read on for his top tips. ARCTIC FOX (3.07 Ripon, nap) She has been in good... [Read More]
While polar bears are known for being worthy opponents in the Arctic, questions remained about how they managed some of their largest kills, such as... [Read More]
A new study has found high concentrations of toxic "forever chemicals" in the surface of seawater near melting ice floes in the Arctic. Researchers out... [Read More]
News-Miner opinion: With Russia expanding its military reach into the Arctic in what The New York Times refers to as a nascent Very Cold War,... [Read More]
Today is the final day of the Arctic Lightning Air Show hosted by Eielson Air Force Base. [Read More]
Colin Farrell and his co-stars in the BBC's North Water shocked at the loss of wilderness at the north pole from global heating... [Read More]
Before a 10-day escape to the wilderness, there are weeks of second-guessing and what-ifs while preparing for it. [Read More]
An influential, highly publicized theory - that a warming Arctic is causing more intense... [Read More]
With climate change fueling high temperatures across the Arctic, Greenland lost a massive amount of ice on Wednesday with enough melting to cover the U.S.... [Read More]
The Science Speaks blog series offers a deep dive into science, technology, and innovation topics on the minds of the public. The series explains focal topics through relatable... [Read More]
It's the third instance of extreme ice melting in the past decade. [Read More]
From The Alaska Post: Climate change is already altering the strategic picture in the north. The ice pack is melting, and there is a viable... [Read More]
The Arctic is warming roughly three times faster than the planet as a whole, the Climate Crisis Advisory Group said. [Read More]
While the SUNY Oswego family is well aware of what lake-effect snow is, a recent campus grant will enhance federal funding for student-faculty research on... [Read More]
The Arctic has warmed three times faster than anywhere else on the planet in the last 30 years, causing a rapid and irreversible loss of... [Read More]
Researchers say high temperatures in the Arctic are melting Greenland's ice sheets so rapidly that the ice melt from Tuesday of this week alone would be... [Read More]
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