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Beloved pet cavoodle 'Kevy' was sadly killed when he and his owner were attacked by two off-leash dogs in Melbourne's north on Thursday. [Read More]
Half of Mitchell Gibbons' skull had to be removed after he was beaten on a night out... [Read More]
Brett Spaulding says he was walking his roommate's dog when they were attacked in their housing development: "The pit bull jumped and grabbed Cheddar's hind... [Read More]
A Cherry Hill, New Jersey man and his roommate's dog are recovering after being attacked by a pit bull-type dog last Wednesday.The injured dog's name... [Read More]
The swing state's chief election officer has been under attack from Trump since 2020. [Read More]
As Russia concentrates its attack on the east and south of the country, residents of the Kyiv region are attempting to return to their lives. [Read More]
A RUSSIAN GENERAL has been killed in the conflict in Ukraine, making him the highest-ranking pilot killed in the war so far, reports claim. [Read More]
Obama responded to Tuesday's attack on Robb Elementary School by criticizing the "gun lobby" and pushing for "action" on guns now. [Read More]
A former classmate of school shooter Salvador Ramos said the gunman texted him photos of a firearm he had and a bag full of ammunition... [Read More]
It's reported the 18-year-old gunman shot his grandmother before going to the school with two military-style rifles and opening fire on young children. [Read More]
President Joseph Biden incorrectly blamed "the gun lobby" in part for the attack on a school in Uvalde, Texas near San Antonio, Dan Bongino said... [Read More]
The topic of gun violence is back in the national headlines after another gun tragedy—this time in Texas.An attack on an elementary school is jump-starting... [Read More]
Policies passed after Cole Miller's death from one-punch attack have also not adversely affected hospitality venues, review says... [Read More]
Wendy Davis wants women to know, not only is it ok to make a fuss, but sometimes it's very necessary. [Read More]
"Where in God's name is our backbone?" Biden asked after the attack on an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. [Read More]
Mice plague back with a vengeance as starving rodents attack horrified Aussies and burrow into their hair while they SLEEP... [Read More]
Only the 2012 attack on Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., which left 26 victims dead, has had a higher toll. [Read More]
A teen who killed at least 18 children and 3 adults in a horrific shooting at a primary school had bragged about owning guns on... [Read More]
UKRAINE's invasion by Russia may be the beginning of the "World War Three" and our civilization "may not be able to survive it", said billionaire... [Read More]
Gov. Ned Lamont signed legislation to bolster investigations into hate crimes in Connecticut four days before 10 Black shoppers and workers were shot dead in... [Read More]
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