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When Attorney General William Barr announced he was going to hold a news conference before the release of the Mueller report Thursday, there was instant... [Read More]
Democratic presidential hopefuls on Thursday criticized Attorney General William Barr and called for voters to remove President Trump... [Read More]
Attorney General William Barr says special counsel Robert Mueller's report recounts 10 episodes involving President Donald Trump that were investigated as potential acts of criminal... [Read More]
Fox & Friends, the president's most loyal morning show, on Thursday lauded Attorney General William Barr for opting to hold a press conference hours ahead... [Read More]
Attorney General William Barr announced this morning the release of a redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on the investigation into ... [Read More]
Representative Jerrold Nadler has called the report a roadmap for further congressional investigations. He also accused Attorney General William Barr of undermining the Department of... [Read More]
Let's watch what president Trump had to say about the final report on the Mueller Report. Attorney General William Barr released the full redacted Mueller... [Read More]
Americans now need to reflect seriously on troubling questionsOn Thursday, U.S. Attorney General William Barr released a lightly redacted version of the report into Russian... [Read More]
President Trump has special counsel Robert Mueller's report behind him, but he, his administration and his business interests are still under investigation. As soon as... [Read More]
The special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, produced a report of more than 400 pages that painted a deeply unflattering picture of President Trump but... [Read More]
Washington For nearly two years, President Donald Trump and his allies sought to undermine special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, attacking investigators'... [Read More]
Barr has said the report has two parts: one on Russian tampering efforts and one on alleged obstruction of justice by Trump * Mueller... [Read More]
With Attorney General William Barr's release of the Mueller report, debate about Donald Trump will rage in Congress and comments sections, and culminate in the... [Read More]
During his Thursday news conference, Attorney General William Barr communicated clearly and with confidence and authority the "bottom line" that neither President Donald Trump, nor... [Read More]
In his report into Russian interference in the 2016 election, special counsel Robert Mueller III cites instance after instance of President Donald Trump pushing to... [Read More]
Prosecutors prefaced their conclusion with a significant caveat that Attorney General William Barr did not mention. [Read More]
Sen. Amy Klobuchar tells Chris Hayes that it's clear that Attorney General William Barr is "not impartial." [Read More]
On to the next chapter Moments after Attorney General William Barr ended his prequel news conference for the release of Robert Mueller's report, Trump tweeted... [Read More]
With the release of the redacted but still damning Mueller report, Attorney General William Barr will go down in history for his attempts to shield... [Read More]
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