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Former President Barack Obama said Wednesday that Republicans carry around a sense that "white males are victims." [Read More]
Former President Barack Obama spoke out this week to say that he "couldn't be prouder" of his daughters Malia and Sasha for joining racial justice... [Read More]
President Donald Trump keeps claiming that the 2020 election was stolen from him, and was replete with fraud. He has spread the false assertion that... [Read More]
The 44th president gave the kids access to his new memoir 'A Promised Land.'... [Read More]
"We could ride through town and people wouldn't know who we were," the former president recalls... [Read More]
The former POTUS' book 'A Promised Land' bagged a pair of sales records for publisher Penguin Random House. The book is the first of a... [Read More]
A former Obama White House employee rejected the Supreme Court's decision to block New York from enforcing occupation rules for churches amid the coronavirus pandemic.... [Read More]
President Barack Obama sat down with us to talk about what Grace means to him and how he sees it in the world. He also... [Read More]
Former President Barack Obama revealed that his two daughters participated in Black Lives Matter protests over the summer. ... [Read More]
"First and foremost, I hoped to give an honest rendering of my time in office," the former president writes in his new memoir... [Read More]
The 2020 edition of the notorious holiday centered around turkey and revisionist history, this year complicated by an ongoing pandemic, also brought with it a... [Read More]
The Republican party has a lot to answer for. When Mitch McConnell vowed to do everything he could to make Barack Obama's presidency a failed... [Read More]
Back in 2008, before the Democrat Party completed their transition into a unashamed Marxist organization Barack Obama argued that mail-in ballots can only be trusted... [Read More]
Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., said Joe Biden's pick to head the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, should be disqualified. "[Mayorkas] was found by Barack... [Read More]
Former President Barack Obama's new book about his eight years in the White House is a "revisionist" account of Israel's history, said... [Read More]
After Margaret Thatcher died in 2013, then-President Barack Obama released a statement summing up the extraordinary life of Britain's first female prime minister. ... [Read More]
Reading this new memoir by the former US president feels like being transported back decades rather than a few years. [Read More]
Under the new company, authors would range from John Grisham and Stephen King to Barack Obama and Bill Clinton... [Read More]
From Barack Obama's new memoir to the sci-fi sequel 'Ready Player Two,' good reads that you'll want to put on your list as 2020 draws... [Read More]
The Republican party has a lot to answer for. When Mitch McConnell vowed to do everything he could to make Barack Obama's presidency a failed... [Read More]
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