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Growing up in the Bronx, there was a widely accepted myth that there were alligators in the sewers. Despite no proof, people could not be... [Read More]
As a congressman in the 1990s, Bernie Sanders expressed an openness to making "adjustments" to the tax and benefit structure of Social Security. He also... [Read More]
2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden holds a community event with caucus-goers in Council Bluffs, Iowa. [Read More]
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says Republicans are bringing up his name in the Trump impeachment trial because President Trump doesn't want to run against... [Read More]
Three more Democratic presidential candidates have announced stops in Dubuque in the days before the Iowa Caucus. [Read More]
Tribute to Jim Lehrer Jim Lehrer will stand as a beacon, as Walter Cronkite did. Their lights will never be extinguished, it is... [Read More]
Iowans will soon gather to begin the presidential nomination process. When one looks at the events across the globe and here at home, it is... [Read More]
Joe Biden is silent on whether his biggest Democrat rival, Bernie Sanders, could unite the party and defeat President Donald Trump in 2020. ... [Read More]
Bolton writes in a forthcoming book that Trump told him he wanted to withhold military aid from Ukraine until it helped with investigations into Democratic... [Read More]
There is a tragedy of biblical proportions unfolding in Washington, and Sen. Susan Collins' role in history is yet to be decided. High school civics... [Read More]
A corrupt company (Burisma) in a corrupt country (Ukraine)  dealing with a corrupt vice president (Joe Biden), who was filmed bragging about a quid pro... [Read More]
The following is a transcript of a 15-minute discussion on Saturday, Jan. 25, with Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president of the United States... [Read More]
In the final sprint before the caucuses, Biden's advisers are consistently making his electability their closing argument. [Read More]
A Delaware nonprofit organization received a $166,000 federal grant about the same time it appointed then-Vice President Joe Biden's daughter as executive director, according to... [Read More]
Just days before the 2008 Iowa Democratic presidential caucuses, Hillary Clinton led Barack Obama by four points in the RealClearPolitics average of polls. Obama took... [Read More]
Biden continues to hold a sizable lead in national polls... [Read More]
Business Insider Logo.svg.(Image by Wikipedia (commons.wikimedia.org))   Details   DMCAOn January 22, Insider polled 426 likely Democratic voters whether their opinions of the 2020 candidates they knew... [Read More]
With less than one week before the Iowa caucuses, the establishment media is zeroing in on the Biden family's culture of corruption. [Read More]
Over two dozen people stormed into former Vice President Joe Biden's Des Moines headquarters looking for answers on health care Monday night. Their... [Read More]
Biden was flashing the Obama brand in Iowa this week as the Democratic presidential candidate campaigned in the homestretch of Monday's Iowa caucuses. [Read More]
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