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The multiples of big tech companies are near all time highs based on year end 2021 forward estimates. Risk-reward not favorable to enter FAANG stocks... [Read More]
Tech entrepreneur and New York University marketing professor Scott Galloway on a potential TikTok deal and the likelihood of antitrust action against U.S. tech giants. [Read More]
Kamala Harris done little to pursue regulation or antitrust measures against big tech companies during her time in office. [Read More]
Even as Americans rely on tech more than ever, our early-pandemic truce with the industry is officially over. ... [Read More]
The Trump administration has filed a motion asking a court to dismiss big tech's challenge to his social media executive order. As reported by Reuters,... [Read More]
One of the bigger topics as of late, in our country, has been racial injustice. Big tech companies all donated a lot of money to... [Read More]
Ahead of the 2020 election, all eyes are on Silicon Valley as some of the biggest tech companies attempt to prevent the sorts of foreign... [Read More]
Following President Trump's increasingly hard-line stance on China, numerous fake Chinese accounts have taken shots at the president over a number of issues on social... [Read More]
F. Thomas O'Halloran, who manages four mutual funds for Lord Abbett, has beaten the market this year in part due to timely shifts into software... [Read More]
SteelHouse CEO Mark Douglas discusses enthusiasm in Silicon Valley for a Biden-Harris ticket and Tesla stock price. [Read More]
Big Tech's election play — FCC's 5G legal victory... [Read More]
At their scale, it's pocket change. [Read More]
Big Tech responded to George Floyd's death on May 25th in Minnesota by committing more than a billion dollars toward racial justice within a single... [Read More]
Why has Wall Street flourished while Main Street struggles? Credit Washington aid, Big Tech and market optimism about the future. [Read More]
Slashed payouts reveal a shifting balance of corporate power... [Read More]
MARKETWATCH FRONT PAGE Stock-index futures erase a small decline, edging higher after a drop in first-time jobless claims below 1 million last week. See... [Read More]
By eliminating a key international competitor and handing it to them on a plate, the move is a gift for Silicon Valley's giants... [Read More]
The would-be vice president has deep personal and financial links with Big Tech – but some believe she could bite the hand that fed her... [Read More]
When it comes to social media influencers, many might recognize Michelle Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, Roger Federer, and Billy Joel. But... [Read More]
A Washington-based tech group funded by Facebook, Alphabet's Google and Twitter had brought a lawsuit in June against President Donald Trump's executive order targeting social... [Read More]
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