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With the out of control price of groceries, gas, and the rumblings of a coming recession, the last thing we need from Congress is a... [Read More]
On today's episode of 'The Ingraham Angle' Laura Ingraham joins Trump lawyer for a reaction to the possible affidavit release. Meanwhile, Plus, big tech's midterm... [Read More]
Rivals in the web-browser market are raising concerns about the dominance of Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome, and global regulators are taking notice as they... [Read More]
We were just suspended from YouTube because we ran afoul of some of the unspoken rules YouTube only applies to people to the right of... [Read More]
The layoffs are the latest example of Big Tech reining in spending and hiring, as just days ago Apple let go of about 100 recruiters. [Read More]
The layoffs are the latest example of Big Tech reining in spending and hiring, as just days ago Apple let go of about 100 recruiters. [Read More]
As the  Biden administration, big tech, 'woke' corporations, the United Nations and Drive-By Media collude to destroy the First Amendment, weak-minded, petty tyrants are abusing... [Read More]
YouTube suspended this show over our Kari Lake interview. So, you know what? We're interviewing her AGAIN! Because f*ck YouTube. It's not just us. Big... [Read More]
Why should online giants profit from somebody else's work? [Read More]
As Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer decides whether to hold a vote on legislation... [Read More]
The vast majority of small businesses are planning to implement hiring freezes during the economic downturn, according to a new survey from Fiverr. [Read More]
08-18-228:01 am It's not just Big Tech: The list of companies with hiring freezes and layoffs is likely to growThe vast majority of small businesses... [Read More]
Get ready for the biggest selloff of this bear market yet, that is hardly over, says our call of the day from contrarian investor Steven... [Read More]
When can we truly say goodbye to this bear market? While Bank of America's global fund managers are no longer "apocalyptically bearish," some on Wall... [Read More]
After a decade-long run, one of Big Tech's household names might finally be losing some ground. [Read More]
Big tech... [Read More]
A top House Oversight Republican is concerned the emphasis on abortion access by technology companies is creating a hostile work environment for pregnant women. [Read More]
Republicans need to make Big Tech and social media companies protect free speech before the 2024 presidential election. [Read More]
Hong KongChina's Tencent reported on Wednesday its first ever quarterly sales fall, hurt by a lack of game approvals and regulations that limit playing time,... [Read More]
The tech giants began courting oil companies several years ago, eager for business from a lucrative but technologically backward industry. [Read More]
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