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A Florida State Representatives is looking to strip the rights of big tech companies from censoring Americans 1st Amendment right to free speech on social... [Read More]
"If you've lived in Communist China, if you've lived in a repressive society, where only permitted, allowed thoughts ... [Read More]
I am typing today (Jan. 19) about what I feel is the great division in this country. This is not something new, as it has... [Read More]
Attorney General Ken Paxton is among several Texas Republicans who have criticized major technology and social media companies in how they responded to accounts that... [Read More]
Biden selected Rebecca Kelly Slaughter and Jessica Rosenworcel to lead the two agencies most responsible for regulating tech and telecom companies. [Read More]
European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen informed President-elect Joe Biden ahead of today's inauguration that Silicon Valley CEOs have no authority to decide on... [Read More]
Professor Olivier Sylvain joins Matter of Fact with Soledad O'Brien to discuss disinformation on social media and policy regulations for big tech companies. Watch the full... [Read More]
Minor sues Twitter, claims the social media platform refused to remove child porn, the big tech company "didn't find a violation of our policies," according... [Read More]
The Nasdaq Composite rallied to a record close as investors showed renewed interest in megacap technology companies ahead of their earnings reports in the weeks... [Read More]
The National Taxpayers Union started the letter, signed by 15 other groups, condemning legislation to reign in big tech as opposing conservative values. [Read More]
'This is where we make our final stand for our sacred birthright.'... [Read More]
Concern from Republicans and moderate Democrats in Congress put a damper on the nascent market rally, as more stimulus looks less like a done deal.... [Read More]
Biden press secretary Jen Psaki said the new administration was going to be about truth and transparency. Biden said he would fire anyone in his... [Read More]
Commentary Free speech is under ferocious attack by Big Tech social media platforms. This is generally viewed as ... [Read More]
Cyclical stocks are expected to lead the market higher this year, but analysts say don't count out big tech. [Read More]
Big Tech companies such as Amazon, Google, IBM, and Twitter gave praise and support to President Biden on his first day in office, immediately drawing... [Read More]
Signal has seen an explosion in popularity as people seek out privacy-focused alternatives to big tech. [Read More]
President Biden is bringing Silicon Valley executives into his administration, a stark contrast to his predecessor who routinely railed against Big Tech's influence, overreach, and... [Read More]
In the wake of the Capitol riots and President Trump's less than ideal response, an age-old tenant of American democracy has been at the center... [Read More]
Alastair Mactaggart sounds off on his watershed legislation, standing up to Big Tech and whether new laws are in the works. [Read More]
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