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There are many things I enjoy in life. I'm a drummer and love to play music. I'm a fan of Drum Corps International and love... [Read More]
Below her chic little shop on the Rue du Jour, the designer pieces together eco-friendly lingerie with bits of lace, sometimes combined with lurex, taking... [Read More]
Two semi-trucks pulling a prefabricated house Saturday night had their over-sized load crash into the bridge at U.S. 52 and Akron Drive.The trucks were headed... [Read More]
This rich and delicious dessert tops off any meal! Frozen Pumpkin Mousse Parfaits Ingredients 1 cup... [Read More]
Ollie Williams had the contestants in hysterics with his saucy comment... [Read More]
Set to air in Saturday's Unseen Bits, Callum joins the Islanders doing impressions of various funny accents, and the boys couldn't resist joking about 'big... [Read More]
With a history as long as H-E-B's, and with fans as loyal as they are, we'd say that San Antonians likely know a lot about... [Read More]
If skewered meats and shimmying midriffs are your idea of a Persian (or Greek or Turkish ... ) dining experience, then you've come to the... [Read More]
David Hoyle, of Pensarn Beach, Abergele, North Wales, called the RSPCA after his father-in-law spotted the pup with "bits missing off its side" while walking... [Read More]
Some bits and pieces on the Olean Oilers, the 2020 Bills schedule and an update on former Bonnie Jaylen Adams:... [Read More]
This year's Love Island villa is no place for prudes as the boys have no filter... [Read More]
Rob Wolz is in his second year as a full-time aerospace engineering instructor at Mississippi State University. The smattering of classes he teaches... [Read More]
Garvey's Grill is a small neighborhood bar and grill located on Telegraph Road in Oakville. Highlights from their menu include their beef or chicken modiga... [Read More]
The handwritten words "collection of narrative bits" appear in the lower left corner of a collage from a suite of ten, titled untitled (constellations), 2017.... [Read More]
WE GIVE A 5% 4H DISCOUNT EVERYDAY! Saddles Bridals Halters Bits Riding Helmets Grooming Supplies Spurs Lead Ropes Saddle Blankets Novelty... [Read More]
With a bevy of talent on both sides of the ball, it's hard to pick just one 49ers player who should worry the Packers the... [Read More]
These lovely yellow flowered cranes will bring the springtime into your home! Hand folded from small bits of paper, the cranes are sealed to make... [Read More]
The underdog Houston Texans came into Arrowhead Stadium brimming with confidence for their contest against the vaunted Kansas City Chiefs. The game began at 2:05... [Read More]
Two random bits of information link D'Eriq King and MSU football. Let's explore the possibility. [Read More]
Jurgen Klopp delivered a seven-minute response to AFCON's switch to a January tournament, here are his best bits from the Liverpool boss... [Read More]
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