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This Morning fans were left perplexed on today's show as an interview with a shopowner in Newquay was interrupted by a number of bizarre filming... [Read More]
Can you feel the sexual tension already? [Read More]
Donald Trump claimed the United States is 'lower than the world' for coronavirus in an interview so bizarre it appeared to be a comedy sketch. [Read More]
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has a... [Read More]
Masked Singer judge Urzila Carlson reveals her bizarre 'essentials' while in lockdown. [Read More]
A nurse who believes in a bizarre conspiracy theory that 5G mobile phone technology is spreading coronavirus leads a dangerous movement that has seen its... [Read More]
President Donald Trump's attempt to force Chinese company ByteDance to divest the U.S. version of its popular TikTok social-media app has some precedent. But the... [Read More]
Democrats turn back to conspiracy theories and hoaxes ahead of 2020 presidential election. [Read More]
Ellen DeGeneres' camp has once again responded to the undying allegations against her and her daytime talk show, and we gotta say, we did NOT... [Read More]
The comments mirrored those from Nick Cannon's rant... [Read More]
What am I even looking at...? [Read More]
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has a "bizarre" habit of bragging about arrests that... [Read More]
A bizarre saga of events played out on social media over the weekend, embroiling much of the close-knit world of scientists, academics, and researchers on... [Read More]
Kevin Clark's bizarre strategy well and truly paid off. [Read More]
Attorneys for two of a trio of defendants charged with manslaughter in a bizarre death on a Warren roadway on July Fourth 2019 are hopeful... [Read More]
Hidden in forests around the world lives a bizarre 'vampire plant' that sucks nutrients from other vegetation by attaching itself to the host's roots and... [Read More]
 TMZ - Aerial performer Sam Panda got detained by Myrtle Beach police for her revealing swimsuit, and she had to have a long thong debate to... [Read More]
A Lancaster resident who helped boost Philadelphia's growing wrestling scene is suing the United States Marine Corps after suffering a bizarre and traumatic injury at... [Read More]
ELON MUSK has sparked an online frenzy after he suggested in a tweet the Great Pyramids of Giza were built by aliens, and a popular... [Read More]
With the news that Yoenis Cespedes has opted out of the 2020 season, it's worth a look back at the outfielder's short, yet memorable stint... [Read More]
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