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Surveillance photos and video of a man who was seen splashing red paint on the "Black Lives Matter" street mural in front of Trump Tower... [Read More]
Police are searching for a suspect caught on video vandalizing a Black Lives Matter mural outside of Trump Tower in New York City. (Provided by... [Read More]
A Democratic strategist called a Republican female senator "inbred racist trash" for criticizing the founders of the Black Lives Matter group.Republican Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn... [Read More]
Since the death of George Floyd in police custody in late May, Wikipedia has been subject to a wide-ranging campaign by left-wing editors favorable to... [Read More]
The Indianapolis City-County Council adopted a special resolution at its meeting Monday night that calls for the city government to paint "Black Lives Matter" on... [Read More]
For Michael B. Jordan, timing is everything. So when the SAG award winner marched in a Los Angeles Black Lives Matter protest last month demanding... [Read More]
Eight of the nine people arrested during Saturday's Black Lives Matter protest in Rogersville were identified by police as members of a non-local white supremacist... [Read More]
A Black Lives Matter mural painted on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan was painted red, according to cellphone video ... [Read More]
There has been some media exposure emphasizing George Soros and his connections to the St. Louis "armed couple" and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) street... [Read More]
The man, wearing a black baseball hat with white lettering, sunglasses and a surgical mask, approached the mural on Fifth Ave. near West 57th St.... [Read More]
S.A. Cosby's "Blacktop Wasteland" stakes out territory in undersung places — and sings too of the complex lives of Black men. [Read More]
An unidentified man was caught on video throwing paint on the social justice mural. [Read More]
Texans safety and former Nimitz High School star Michael Thomas says he and other NFL players appreciate the sentiments about racial injustice and Black Lives... [Read More]
Black Liberation and Indigenous Sovereignty Are Interconnected I'm a guest in the Black Lives Matter movement, and making images is how I show my... [Read More]
Imagine it's 2070. History classes all over the U.S. teach the 2020 Black Lives Matter Uprisings and the national campaign to defund police. Students are... [Read More]
Two weeks ago The Gateway Pundit organized a prayer rally at the Statue of St. Louis on Art Hill in Forest Park from noon. In... [Read More]
Huddled under the shade of pop-up tents, sheltered from the heat of a hot Sunday afternoon in Morrowtown, local artists take up face masks... [Read More]
A Michigan State University employee who made what were called hateful and disturbing comments online is no longer working there, according to a statement from... [Read More]
The city has not said whether Abernathy resigned on his own accord or whether Kenney asked him to leave. Both men recently denied that Abernathy... [Read More]
Charlize Theron appeared on The Tonight Show and told Jimmy Fallon how she's talked to her daughters, Jackson, 8, and August, 5, about the Black... [Read More]
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