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Wednesday, July 21, 2021 at 09:57 AM
Black Widow badasses Yelena and Natasha don't have superpowers, but Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh have their eyes on a few. [Read More]
Dismissed as ridiculous by Bond purists, Roger Moore's '007 in space' adventure has since inspired Black Widow, F9, and possibly Jeff Bezos... [Read More]
It's becoming increasingly clear that movie theaters need studios a heck of a lot more than studios need movie theaters. [Read More]
Black Widow tops The Tomorrow War as the most pirated movie for the last 2 weeks. [Read More]
The dynamic action in... [Read More]
Olga Kurylenko discusses wearing layers of prosthetics and using multiple stunt doubles to play the multi-skilled Taskmaster in "Black Widow." (July 21) [Read More]
Kevin Feige talks Yelena's future... [Read More]
What does a 163% surge in demand for red hair dye tell us about the way Marvel's latest, and star Scarlett Johansson, have been marketed... [Read More]
The Scarlett Johansson-led film made just $26.25M last weekend compared to $80.3M on the weekend beginning July 9, marking the steepest second-week drop for a... [Read More]
Marvel's Black Widow is on track to be one of the lowest-grossing Marvel movies after a second-week box office plunge of 67 percent, with some... [Read More]
Since Marvel's "Black Widow" just opened and Comic-Con starts this week, the latest Cinema Junkie episode celebrates pop culture by looking at the Marvel Cinematic... [Read More]
Yelena Belova will carry the legacy of Natasha Romanoff in upcoming Marvel movies, according to Kevin Feige. [Read More]
A scientific gardener and his beans, A black widow bite, Munsey celebrates its 125th and more were reported on this day in Johnson City history. [Read More]
After having found himself out of action for years, Red Guardian (David Harbour) had a struggle... [Read More]
Major exhibitors attributed the Marvel film's 'stunning collapse' in week two to the Hollywood giant's $30 direct-to-consumer experiment as the film tops illegal download lists. [Read More]
It's the hair for me. [Read More]
We went back to every film that Black Widow starred or co-starred in, and counted every time that she did "The Pose." [Read More]
Last year the global pandemic closed movie theaters across the nation and eliminated the summer blockbuster season. Now that vaccinations have been rolled out, theaters... [Read More]
After Black Widow, fans are wondering if Florence Pugh's Yelena will follow in her sister's footsteps. [Read More]
In this edition, hear who is playing Renee Montoya in Batwoman season 3, learn what Kevin Feige said about Yelena Belova potentially being dusted, and... [Read More]
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