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A BARMY Brit tourist sparked airport chaos after making a series of false flight delay announcements over a gate tannoy. The bloke jumped on the... [Read More]
Residents of Cromer, Norfolk, have enjoyed laughing at CCTV footage of a man from Sunday morning, face down and fast sleep on a car wearing... [Read More]
A bloke took to TikTok with a video of himself picking up the intercom phone in the middle of Walmart's nappy aisle and farting over... [Read More]
THIS is the chilling moment a sex fiend forced a helpless woman down a deserted road to rape her in the middle of the night.... [Read More]
Attempting to cut the cost of their energy bills, a British bloke has measured the power usage of each item in his house and was... [Read More]
A man who was rushed to hospital with the huge bottle up his backside had been in agony for days, but hadn't told his wife... [Read More]
Millionaire grandad Graham Wildin has been jailed for six weeks while he contemplates knocking his man cave down that he built illegally - and has... [Read More]
The bloke had his own takeaway delivered to the pub after claiming he was refused food service there because he hadn't booked - but the... [Read More]
JACK GAUGHAN AT THE ETIHAD: This incarnation of City is 10 good players and the other bloke who does things around the box that will... [Read More]
A despairing grandad is likely to have to pay through the those nose to make repairs to his gorgeous Notting Hill home after countless influencers... [Read More]
EXCLUSIVE: Arthur O Urso, from Brazil, married nine wives in a joint ceremony last year, and although one has now left the love fest he... [Read More]
TikTok user @becky8012 shared a video of the moment her husband left to go to work in his boxers after forgetting to put his trousers... [Read More]
During a shocking six-hour rampage fuelled by cocaine and alcohol, other constables were kicked and racially abused while an ambulance worker was told to 'f***... [Read More]
A bloke who loves drinking his own urine is keen to help others reap the benefits of what he believes is a natural cure -... [Read More]
Heart-wrenching tributes have been paid by a brother and friends to a 34-year-old man who was savagely killed by an "out of control dog" on... [Read More]
Liam Halewood was shocked after JustEat billed him an eye-watering £249 for just one order from Greggs, and has urged other customers to check their... [Read More]
It's believed Ikechukwu Onuma was stabbed to death when he arrived home unexpectedly and walked in on his wife and her lover getting hot and... [Read More]
Rory Baird tried everything he could before resorting to trapping the rodents in his wall cavities, eventually starving them and leaving an unbearable decomposing stench... [Read More]
A bloke trying to give his pre-booked grave site to a relative ran into trouble after a lost deed led to the surprising discovery that... [Read More]
Nick Wisniewski, 66, has been in an ongoing dispute with his council who are trying to persuade him to move away from "Britain's loneliest street"... [Read More]
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