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Rep. Chris Smith is the longest serving member of the state's congressional delegation. He's only its only Republican. [Read More]
I've avoided writing about last week's election results, but waking Monday to hear that Democratic Senator-elect Krysten Sinema will fill Jeff Flake's seat in Arizona... [Read More]
Democrat Jena Griswold, the attorney and first-time candidate who unseated Secretary of State Wayne Williams in a blue wave that pummeled Republicans up and down... [Read More]
"Yer Blue Wave turned into a ripple, didn't it?" Possum said as he grinned at Albino Alice the barber down at Axe's True Blue American... [Read More]
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California knows how to ride a blue wave, with 6 Republicans being washed out… so far.  There's another race in the 21st District which was... [Read More]
This election made the Kansas Legislature decidedly more conservative. Governor-elect Laura Kelly and a minority of lawmakers will battle conservative Republicans on school funding, Medicaid... [Read More]
The Bay Area's only GOP lawmaker in either the Legislature or Congress, East Bay Assemblywoman Catharine Baker, became the latest California Republican to lose her... [Read More]
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