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Prime Minister uses eve of election address to hail party's mayors for 'bringing new investment and local jobs to their areas'... [Read More]
Perhaps Boris Johnson could have learned a lesson from the controversy over Prince Harry and Meghan's renovation of Frogmore Cottage: The British are very touchy... [Read More]
Incompetent sleaze bag Boris Johnson has again dodged TV interviews ahead of an election - soundbites and staged pictures are the manipulation of democracy by... [Read More]
PM Boris Johnson says move is a precaution and calls for de-escalation as tensions mount in row over Channel Islands access for French fishing boats. [Read More]
The Conservatives are on the brink of a historic victory in the Hartlepool by-election, as well as the two key mayoral races in the West... [Read More]
Boris Johnson ordered two Royal Navy patrol vessels to sail to the Channel Islands last night amid fears that French fishing boats were preparing an... [Read More]
AFTER 14 years of Tartan Army domination, Scots voters will decide today whether to give Nicola Sturgeon still more power or put paid to her... [Read More]
Downing Street confirmed the Prime Minister has spoken to the Chief Minister of Jersey John Le Fondre tonight regarding a possible blockade of Saint Helier. [Read More]
Former ministers tell Government not to 'pander' to teaching union bosses... [Read More]
Boris Johnson forced to defend decision to hold talks in person after two members of India's travelling delegation tested positive... [Read More]
Boris Johnson says he supports Jersey as French fishing boats prepare to protest new post-Brexit rules. [Read More]
The argument began over a new licensing system for French fishing vessels. Prime Minister Boris Johnson later said "any blockade would be completely unjustified" [Read More]
BORIS Johnson is not capable of overseeing Britain's Brexit project, Michel Barnier has claimed. [Read More]
Britain's government says it is sending two patrol vessels to monitor the situation on the island of Jersey amid a dispute with France over fishing... [Read More]
Boris Johnson is believed to be in favour of building a £200 million yacht in honour of Prince Philip as part of a UK shipbuilding... [Read More]
Decision comes after Boris Johnson held emergency talks with the Channel Island's chief minister on Wednesday evening... [Read More]
Keir Starmer's woke base won't let him repeat Tony Blair's trick of shifting Right on cultural issues... [Read More]
The Prime Minister said any blockade would be 'completely unjustified' after France threatened to cut off the Channel Island's electricity supply... [Read More]
BORIS Johnson has deployed the Royal Navy to protect Jersey from the threat of a French blockade which was branded an "act of war". The... [Read More]
It's hard not to pity Sir Keir's plight – Captain Hindsight if he attacks the Government, or a Tory collaborator if he supports it... [Read More]
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