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Boris Johnson warns Europe against 'naivety' over the Russian president as the Foreign Office names Kremlin's agents... [Read More]
A British lawmaker has said she was fired from a ministerial job in Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative... [Read More]
We have a leader who has come through the fire, both personally and politically, and is ready to deal with the country's real problems... [Read More]
The attempted putsch against Boris Johnson by Tory MPs angered by the Partygate row has renewed suspicions between the Prime Minister and Chancellor Rishi Sunak. [Read More]
REMAINERS have been mocked for suggesting that the end of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister would mean the end of Brexit. [Read More]
TORY MPs have been warned that they risk undoing Brexit and putting the country in perpetual lockdowns if they try to oust "Conservative hero" Boris... [Read More]
The Prime Minister's supporters are canvassing backbenchers for a list of policy changes that could shore up Mr Johnson's position. [Read More]
PRESSURE was last night mounting on Boris Johnson to ditch "reckless" plans to sack unvaccinated NHS staff as a poll revealed more than half the... [Read More]
U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson, fighting for his political life over revelations about his role in parties during strict lockdown, faces one of the most... [Read More]
Boris Johnson has failed the public so many times already but we all face a tough 2022 as everyone's bills are set to skyrocket -... [Read More]
Some MPs have been explicitly asked what changes the Prime Minister could make to persuade them to step back from attempting to topple him... [Read More]
Chancellor Rishi Sunak, Jeremy Hunt, Trade Minister Penny Mordaunt, Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi, Tom Tugenhat and foreign secretary Liz Truss are among the frontrunners who... [Read More]
Boris Johnson says he 'implicitly believed' the drinks party he claims to have stumbled into was a work event, but he takes citizens for fools,... [Read More]
BORIS JOHNSON has been urged to double down on his party's pledge to remove the BBC licence fee and has been warned that talk alone... [Read More]
Moral hypocrisy, such as lying about parties held during Britain's lockdown, is the ultimate sin in human society, with a special power to enrage. [Read More]
People who voted Conservative at the last election are happy to voice their doubts about the PM and his party in the wake of recent... [Read More]
Boris Johnson claimed nobody had told him the party he went to was against the rules, although it took place at a time when he... [Read More]
Boris Johnson, long famed for brushing off accusations of distorting, misleading or outright lying that, far from slowing his rise,... [Read More]
Christian Wakeford, the former Tory MP who humiliated Boris Johnson by defecting to Labour this week, identified the former Education Secretary as the MP who... [Read More]
As public anger over the No 10 drinks events spread, even the PM's press allies joined the effort to uncover the truth... [Read More]
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