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Friday, July 31, 2020 at 02:13 PM
"For 26 years, Breonna Taylor lived her life to the fullest then on a random night, the Louisville Police Department turned her into a statistic,"... [Read More]
On Thursday (Jul 30), JW Lucas took to Twitter in a since-deleted tweet to call out those petitioning for the police officers who killed Taylor... [Read More]
Bob Gualtieri, sheriff of Pinellas County, was furious at a July 24 tweet from the Tampa Bay Rays calling for the arrest of the Louisville... [Read More]
A Pinellas County, Florida, sheriff blasted the Tampa Bay Rays for its "reckless" tweet about the death of Breonna Taylor. [Read More]
Late-night hosts blast Trump's suggestinon to delay the 2020 election and the memeification of Breonna Taylor... [Read More]
Police are furious over a tweet by the Tampa Bay Rays calling for the arrest of the killers of Breonna Taylor. Sheriff Bob Gualtieri of... [Read More]
"He is extremely dangerous. And he should not be allowed to continue to work with anybody who claims to love Black people," Mallory said. [Read More]
The Tampa Bay Rays might have to find a new department to help secure their baseball stadium after angering the local sheriff with a tweet... [Read More]
"They want to see Breonna Taylor get justice, but now [they're] essentially using her name as a punchline." [Read More]
A Tampa Bay Rays tweet about Breonna Taylor has a Florida sheiff angry and threatening to withhold his agency's services from the Rays in retaliation. [Read More]
It's the first issue not to feature Winfrey on the cover in 20 years. [Read More]
JW Lucas, a producer who has worked with Lil Uzi, Lil Durk and DaBaby, has been severely criticized over tweets regarding the killing of Breonna... [Read More]
Even though a large percentage of media outlets have pivoted away from America's glaring racism problem the fight for equity continues. One of the culture's... [Read More]
The Pinellas County Sheriff had strong words for the Tampa Bay Rays after the team sent out an impactful tweet on Opening Day last week. [Read More]
Breonna Taylor will be featured on the cover of the September issue of Oprah Winfrey's "O: The Oprah Magazine." [Read More]
For the first time since O magazine launched 20 years ago, founder Oprah Winfrey will not appear on the cover. The September issue instead features... [Read More]
Breonna Taylor Graces the Cover of O Magazine Oprah Winfrey gave up her spot on the cover of O Magazine for the first time to... [Read More]
For the first time in 20 years, Oprah Winfrey gave up her O Magazine cover to honor Breonna Taylor. 5 Live is KTLA's digital-only newscast... [Read More]
This is just amazing: "Breonna Taylor had dreams," Oprah Winfrey said. "They all died with her the night five bullets shattered her body and her... [Read More]
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