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EMMANUEL Macron has been left red-faced after new data found France is set to fall behind Brexit Britain. [Read More]
BORIS Johnson has received much-needed support from Eurosceptic MPs over an upcoming Brexit bill. [Read More]
ELTON JOHN said "it's tough out there" as the effects of Brexit "come home to roost" coupled with Covid repercussions and the cost-of-living crisis. [Read More]
THE EUROPEAN Union has begun exacting its revenge on the UK as a number of British scientists are set to relocate to the bloc, Express.co.uk... [Read More]
Sectors from fishing to aviation, farming to science report being bogged down in red tape, struggling to recruit staff and racking up losses for the... [Read More]
'There is the elephant in the room, which is Brexit. And Brexit is a disaster'... [Read More]
Fears of an existential threat as green subsidies replace EU's Common Agricultural Policy... [Read More]
George Freeman, science minister and Norfolk MP, says he is poised to roll out £15bn in funding. [Read More]
Ministers are desperate to sign new trade deals after damaging the UK economy with Brexit... [Read More]
SINN FEIN has warned that the Conservative Party must act responsibly and stop the "attack" that is under way through a bill to unilaterally scrap... [Read More]
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the reaction to his government's plan to scrap some trade rules... [Read More]
JACOB REES-MOGG has been criticised after championing a Brexit discount on "fish fingers and cheese". [Read More]
BREXIT pushed many changes on the UK and European Union (EU) when it was finalised in January 2021. But after a period of decline, trade... [Read More]
A SHOCKING poll has revealed two-thirds of supporters of Labour, the Liberal Democrats, Greens and Scottish Nationalists are prepared to vote tactically to reverse Brexit. [Read More]
BREXIT is working as Express.co.uk readers support former Brexit negotiator Lord David Frost's claim, a new poll has found. [Read More]
Masterpiece London, postponed by Covid and hampered by Brexit, may not have returned yet to its high point, but it's determined to get there. [Read More]
Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy finally confirmed the Labour Party's stance on Brexit, insisting that a Keir Starmer government would not be looking to rejoin... [Read More]
COLIN FIRTH, who stars in tonight's airing of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, once blasted Brexit after accepting an honorary Italian citizenship. [Read More]
RISHI Sunak is set to unveil his plan for a bonfire of EU financial rules next month to boost Brexit Britain, according to reports. [Read More]
BRITAIN would be hobbled by its failure to trigger a trade deal safeguarding measure if the EU took the UK to court over the Government's... [Read More]
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