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CAR company Nissan has praised Boris Johnson's Brexit trade deal in a statement insisting the Prime Minster's EU agreement has allowed the company to retain... [Read More]
Brexit has driven return rates to 30% with surprise surpcharges and then stopped the goods at the border, trapping them behind massive fees. [Read More]
THE ROW over the status of the EU's ambassador to Britain proves the bloc considers itself a European "superstate", according to a Brexit-supporting former MEP. [Read More]
"One thing that absolutely has not changed is my ambition for the UK to be Africa's investment partner of choice," says Boris Johnson. [Read More]
THE EUROPEAN UNION will never allow British fishermen to have "100 percent control" over UK fishing waters due to the Brexit deal secured with the... [Read More]
From his office overlooking Cherbourg docks, general manager Yannick Millet points to trailers destined for Ireland that belong to Amazon and FedEx, new customers and... [Read More]
The lessons of Brexit remind us that being part of these United States is a really great deal. [Read More]
A leader of the Brexit movement is now the head of a conservative think tank in the American South... [Read More]
For nearly three decades the same government computer system has handled the millions of customs declarations that allow Britain to trade with the rest of... [Read More]
An e-commerce expert has warned billions of parcels are set to be caught up in online shopping chaos because of Brexit and other global rule... [Read More]
FORMER Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib lashed out at Remoaners ignoring the true reason the British fishing industry is struggling after Brexit. [Read More]
A leader of the Brexit movement and newly appointed government trade adviser in the United Kingdom is now the head of a conservative think tank... [Read More]
Mother of son with severe epilepsy says 'fight is not over' as Brexit bans EU states fulfilling UK prescriptions... [Read More]
The Who frontman is one of the most prominent celebrity supporters of Brexit... [Read More]
BORIS Johnson has hailed Nissan's "great vote of confidence" in Brexit Britain after the car maker pledged its long-term future to the UK. The PM... [Read More]
BBC's Question Time came to Northern Ireland and Brandon Lewis's comments on the opportunities NI has with the current Brexit arrangements got the Twitterati talking. [Read More]
TV presenter says government is reneging on Brexit green pledges by breaking with EU ban... [Read More]
Irish fishermen say they are concerned a taskforce set up to support coastal communities after Brexit will become a "talking shop". [Read More]
BRUSSELS has vowed to limit Britain's access to the European Union's financial services sector after Brexit. [Read More]
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