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British shellfish firms say the new system is suffocating their businesses. [Read More]
UK Health Secy says vaccinating the whole country is the biggest health endeavour ever undertaken in British history... [Read More]
It is amazing to me that President Trump has pardoned some people who he considered heroic while continuing to leave Julian Assange and Edward Snowden,... [Read More]
January 18, 2021 - 20:58 GMT ... [Read More]
While British Columbians await their turn for inoculation, transparency is needed to assure them the process will be fair... [Read More]
The massive 'Trump baby' blimp that greeted president Trump for years on his trips to London will live on in a British museum. The 20-foot-tall... [Read More]
Dominic Raab condemned a senior British prosecutor's decision to take a case against Hong Kong pro-democracy activists detained under China's National Security law. [Read More]
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was criticised in parliament on Monday for refusing to commit to the renewal of a temporary welfare payment increase brought... [Read More]
Two people are arrested for a robbery last week at the Hampton Inn & Suites on British American Boulevard in Colonie. [Read More]
The FBI agent who handled British ex-spy Christopher Steele as a confidential human source for the bureau for years trashed him as "completely untrustworthy" during... [Read More]
The British crime series starring Cillian Murphy is currently in production for its final season... [Read More]
Health secretary lines up break in Cornwall 'to have a great British summer' rather than travel overseas... [Read More]
The British meat industry warned on Monday of looming border chaos as post-Brexit customs checks between Britain and the European Union (EU) halt some cross-border... [Read More]
Multiple 'Judge Dredd' collections, a new all-ages line and digital-only collections lead the way of the next 12 months of bookstore releases from the iconic... [Read More]
Let's hear it for the women who make history. That's the philosophy of History at Play, the immersive living-history experience that chronicles the lives of... [Read More]
The British TV personality recently announced that she would be placing her 18-year-old son, who has autism, in full-time care... [Read More]
Please send your letters to letters@independent.co.uk... [Read More]
The service is a vital link to the continent but it's owned by the French state and pension funds, so why should the UK bail... [Read More]
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