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Are we honestly supposed to think it's mere coincidence the Brood X cicadas have emerged after 17 years underground at the exact same time the... [Read More]
At the end of May, a local cicada expert predicted that Fort Wayne would see an invasion of Brood X cicadas within a week or... [Read More]
Brood X numbers are dwindling across much of the area, slowing bringing a once-every-17-years-phenomenon into its final chapter. [Read More]
The life story of the Brood X cicadas already sounds a lot like the lore of the living dead, but, now, in Louisville, there's one... [Read More]
The noisy cicadas are starting to die down. [Read More]
Reports of the potential impact of Brood X cicadas promised a plague of biblical proportions, but so far, Hancock County seems to have been passed... [Read More]
KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE)  — Just like many other dog moms out there, Susan Lopresto's 2-year-old Gerberian Shepsky, Cloe, is her everything. "The lady was selling these... [Read More]
A visit to my hometown to see the legendary Brood X cicadas with my wife and one-year-old daughter changed my conception of time... [Read More]
Not everyone will see or hear the Brood X cicadas that emerge once every 17 years. [Read More]
Whether you love them or hate them, Brood X Cicadas are here for a little longer. Once they die off, the annual cicada will be... [Read More]
Brood X comes out every 17 years to mate. They can be found from Tennessee to New York, including in Blair, Huntingdon and Mifflin counties... [Read More]
For anyone that has been sprinting between buildings and their cars because of the cicadas, here's some good news: a lot of the annoying, lumbering... [Read More]
The 17-year periodical cicadas of Brood X have emerged in force in many parts of the state. [Read More]
On top of splattering into your windshield, cicadas can cause more serious issues with your car. [Read More]
JACKSON, Tenn.– Every year we hear about cicadas literally and figuratively, but how much damage can these insects cause?  Brood X Cicadas are emerging in... [Read More]
Those aren't olives. An Ohio restaurant seems to have found a use for the Brood X cicadas pestering parts of the Midwest. The Pizza... [Read More]
By Rachel Trent, CNN Those aren't olives… An Ohio restaurant seems to have found a use for the Brood X cicadas pestering parts of the... [Read More]
The list of things I'm thankful for is long, but toward the top is the fact that I live in Yuma. [Read More]
By now, you've probably heard at least one good cicada story. If you've lived long enough on Long Island, you probably have at least one... [Read More]
They're here, and they're loud, at least in parts of the four-county area. [Read More]
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