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Annual dog day cicadas (so-called because the brood surfaces during the hottest months of the year) have begun to emerge just as Brood X subsides. [Read More]
Dog-day cicadas are emerging and, along with them, a killer wasp that exists solely to eat these cicadas that dwarf the insects in Brood X. [Read More]
Officials from a national park in northern Maryland are cautioning residents who were eager to see the disappearance of pesky Brood X cicadas that there... [Read More]
Just when you thought Maryland was done with cicadas for 17 years, they're back. No, not the amber-winged, red-eyed Brood X. These cicadas have green-tinged... [Read More]
You may have heard the familiar sound of a cicada buzz in Indianapolis this week. But it's not Brood X: Annual cicadas emerge in... [Read More]
It is uncharacteristically quiet this morning, yet my window is open and only a light breeze is moving the dark green leaves of the yellow... [Read More]
It's raining eggs! Billions of Brood X Cicada Eggs waiting to hatch in treetops... [Read More]
Eggs laid by this year's Brood X cicadas began to hatch on Friday. Little cicada nymphs are raining from trees, sinking into a 17-year dormancy... [Read More]
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