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For eight minutes and 46 seconds, more than 500 protesters in Honesdale's Central Park were quiet. Some kneeled. Others stood. No one spoke. The demonstration... [Read More]
Ignite 217 hosts a prayer night on Thursday evening in Decatur's central park. Residents from around Decatur attended and sane praise and listened to sermons... [Read More]
Griffith police condemn social media posts about Black Lives Matter event planned for Sunday at Central Park. [Read More]
Amy Cooper became known as "Central Park Karen" after threatening a black man who filmed her pulling her dog aggressively by the collar and was... [Read More]
NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan said about 60 people were arrested near Central Park out of a large band of protesters who had marched... [Read More]
The white woman who lost her finance job after wrongly calling the police on a Black man in Central Park just got her dog back. [Read More]
Amy Cooper, the woman nicknamed "Central Park Karen" after she was caught on camera calling the police on a black birdwatcher, has been given her dog back. A... [Read More]
Jarenlang zaten 'The Central Park five'-mannen onschuldig in de gevangenis. [Read More]
South Beach, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, West Hollywood, Baccarat Hotels (New York) & Treehouse Hotels (London)), ha…... [Read More]
The animal rescue group that took custody of a New York woman's dog who had called police on a black man and falsely accused him... [Read More]
Borough police are seeking information about potential threats involving a protest over police brutality planned today at Central Park in Honesdale. The department has received... [Read More]
The Central Park "Karen" has gotten her dog back. [Read More]
WHEN They See Us has fascinated viewers since its release on Netflix in 2019. Since the death of George Floyd in police custody there has... [Read More]
A white woman who faced backlash for calling police on a black man in Central Park has gotten her dog back... [Read More]
Remember the woman who gave up her dog after the viral video of a controversial call on a black man? Well, now she got him... [Read More]
"No justice, no peace!" they shout. Then they break windows.It makes me furious.But then I watch the video of the Minneapolis cop kneeling on George... [Read More]
The animal rescue group that took in the dog of a white woman who was captured on video phoning the NYPD and falsely accusing a... [Read More]
The animal rescue group who confiscated Central Park Karen's dog after her racist confrontation with a birdwatcher went viral last month said Wednesday that it... [Read More]
Peaceful protests over the death of George Floyd continued Wednesday in New York City, but an early curfew, drenching rain and refined police tactics appeared... [Read More]
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