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I am rated around 650 in blitz and I don't really play 10 min games or more. I find that I always blitz out games... [Read More]
In this game by move 12 I had no idea what to do as to how to develop my queen and rooks or how to... [Read More]
Sadly, my endgame technique needs work so I failed to convert... [Read More]
Hello Chess People, I'm George, a long-time player who's spent the last 10 years playing bots as a casual pasttime. This past year, I decided... [Read More]
It seems to me, if I moved the B to attack the queen then QxB or NxB, I thought it better to trade for a... [Read More]
Been reading some about how to interpret time controls and still a little confused. So for example, I understand that a 5|3 game means 5... [Read More]
ethxnxo wrote: I've had this issue a few times and maybe I just don't understand. I am a new player. The puzzle has me taking... [Read More]
Not about the king, but i noticed that any other of my peaces are considered as if they are on check, i can't move all... [Read More]
i was winning and then i give up and sack all my peices, everytime i try to make a plan, they always see thru it,... [Read More]
How do I become one? My friend 6_k is one, but said that he viewed a website on chess.com and said there were no more... [Read More]
I just got a message from someone who said Chess.com recommended that I be that person"s friend. I do not like that Chess.com has started... [Read More]
I love chess. I played it since 7 years old. And I was progressing fast, even played against Karpov once (in simultaneous, of course) holding... [Read More]
idk why i keep losing, i literally made him put his queen back in place and then i make a few moves i thought was... [Read More]
I've been playing The Rauzer Variation (9.0-0-0) against the Sicilian Dragon, but I'm thinking of switching to the main line. I've had good results with... [Read More]
Lets talk about the games you have won! [Read More]
Someone tell me why they resigned 😑 ( look at the moves) [Read More]
I mean you would think someone like ivanchuk would beat Carlsen every time because of how sharp his opening preparation is but it turns out... [Read More]
YAY... [Read More]
THE SACRIFICE IN CHESS: the Kamikaze pieces Hello everyone! Today we will talk about a very interesting topic in chess, I will be showing several... [Read More]
Brand new to the game. Absolute beginner but still working on improving.No deep, mysterious agenda here. Just hoping to build a small friends list before... [Read More]
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