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It was ugly but I did it, full of mistakes but somehow pulled a win in the end. Definitely need to practice more puzzles and... [Read More]
Currently, drills will have a check mark over them once they are attempted, regardless of whether you actually complete them successfully or not. I suggest... [Read More]
title... [Read More]
After trying for over a week I finally won a game against Wendy with no help of any kind, Challenge level 3. I usually customize... [Read More]
i am bad at checkers someone please explain to me how you play checkers on this "chess" websit what even is chess my friend said... [Read More]
Hi... [Read More]
"La vida es como el ajedrez. Siempre vas a perder alguna pieza, pero intenta al menos que sea para despejarte el camino". [Read More]
I was bored so I decided to set up 2 games. One against the 22 year old Beth Harmon bot and one against the Hikaru... [Read More]
Here's the puzzle (that needs googolplex minds!): Ok, maybe that doesn't really need googolplex minds, but it's hard, right? (Tell me in the comments) The... [Read More]
You should specify that black is on move! With white on move the endgame is uninteresting. [Read More]
Now up to Sleepy Joe Biden. He is great leader with skin shrink wrapped around face. He will unite all world and end racism. [Read More]
Alright, so i recently re-start playing chess and i did rhis "new to chess " lessons and appanrently now i cant do the Others due... [Read More]
I am a beginner level player (I've been playing more seriously for just under a month and have been hovering around 700 rapid during that... [Read More]
Hey guysWhat impacts (whether positive or negative) has chess had on your personal life since playing it consistently?Do you think if it has helped you... [Read More]
Recent update appears to have removed the ability to play a person (in same location) on the app while off line. What is up which... [Read More]
I play against the sicilian so much and hate going into lines people know better than me.What are some counters to the sicilian that can... [Read More]
There's the game Yuri Shulman-Ding Liren 2013 why is this idea not more popular for black it seems simple enough is there a drawback I'm... [Read More]
Hi guys 👋.......my chess has taken a nose dive ! ......looking for a comforting arm around my shoulder, and a large towel to mope up... [Read More]
Question: will the auto draw or 3 move? draw kick in automatically in an on-line match like it does in live chess? Thanks in advance!... [Read More]
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