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ur not allowed to advertise :/... [Read More]
My place was 16... [Read More]
I lost my game by abandonment almost instantly after my opponent checked me. I'm really confused how it said my game was "abandoned.". I reported... [Read More]
One funny thing I saw at a tournament was two 6- or 7-year-olds playing. I looked down at the board, and one of them had... [Read More]
AMA... [Read More]
Hi! Type here anything. But, not like hshsbshsja. Just type. [Read More]
Sometimes I do not understand the analysis. Just got 95.5 in accuracy, but I made a lot of mistakes? Is the analysis reliable? Has also... [Read More]
Please, do not revive an old topic. It makes it annoying and pushes back the newly made ones, taking space for no reason, creating waste. [Read More]
There wig is on fire. They are dead. They think they are dead. [Read More]
Im not new to chess at all and even played good game against a master in real live tournament and i can't get to 1450... [Read More]
Here is how to play Put your ausernames Nd comment down below Then challenge me to a 1 min We will place a bet like... [Read More]
1700 and open) 2) Solving the daily puzzles and 3) inviting members! Yes you actually get a prize (even I have won it once) So... [Read More]
Isn't it racist that white has to move first? Chess shouldn't be such a racist game. The first to move should be the winner of... [Read More]
We are the best producers of genuine Data-based Registered High Quality Real NEBOSH Diploma Certificate online. Our organisation is well connected with various invigilators, British... [Read More]
this is link to my blogs... [Read More]
How do I follow people, and which of the great great players on here do y'all recommend is with a follow? Thank you. [Read More]
Please view my blog and follow it I post useful things... [Read More]
What is the historical roots of speed chess? Does anyone know? I've always thought it came from chess hustling. Chess hustling is a way to... [Read More]
Can someone please tell me! (in the App.) [Read More]
Hey, all! Today we finally fully pulled back the curtain on something new in post-game Analysis! Key Moments builds on the familiar "Retry Mistakes" feature... [Read More]
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