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This is a nice blitz game I played recently. [Read More]
You see, I always have trouble facing the la bourdannais variation as black. Please post links to where I can learn a bit of theory... [Read More]
Well, the title says it all. [Read More]
Hi guys write ur ge if you want... [Read More]
Pls don't be toxic im still studying so have no money... [Read More]
Drag the pieces to solve! White to Play and Win. [Read More]
I always play with Martin bot for fun when I don't feel like loosing and he newly started to attic my pieces I can't believe... [Read More]
Heyo people, my names is Mathew and I've recently been getting back into the flow of playing chess on a daily. Although I'm not the... [Read More]
1) He kept his prize Dubrovnik chess set in a safe...but it had to be sold later because he didn't pay the storage fee. 2)... [Read More]
Doesn't need to be the "official" version, but the same design. Can't find any in stock anywhere. Let me know if you've seen one that... [Read More]
Is it worth getting premium for? [Read More]
I am black here.. [Read More]
Dang I got a brilliant move pog,the mate tho ;-;... [Read More]
Hello, I think it is absolutely necessary to remove the openings function during the daily games ! Following a post that I had read on... [Read More]
What is happening? I started playing chess a few months ago and my rating has steadily increased. I knew literally nothing about the game when... [Read More]
Do you agree with this analysis? As you can see, I moved Nc3 because I thought there were two obvious responses for my opponent and... [Read More]
The winner of the 2020-2021 FIDE Candidates Tournament will earn the right to challenge Magnus Carlson in the next FIDE World Championship Match. Who will... [Read More]
Saw this recently on a discord profile, does anyone know how to do this? Thanks. [Read More]
Hey guys, I just wanted to inform you, I'm CoolBoi, I just got my username changed very recently.. I just told you so that confusion... [Read More]
Because I'm no longer just a Hyper muddish and I have many ideas. [Read More]
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