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After 1 years, I am going to participate in a tournament. I last played on 17 march, 2020, the next day, government closed school. But... [Read More]
As some of you might not know, the entirety of China has a firewall that acts like GoGuardian: it gets rid of access to certain... [Read More]
*sad*... [Read More]
I really want to reset my chess rating because I used to always join games by accident and have to resign to exit the game.... [Read More]
Pawn to E4 Knight to F3 Bishop to C4 Pawn to D4 Bishop to F4 Knight to C3 Castle Pawn to A4 Pawn to H4... [Read More]
His rapid rating is currently at 687. [Read More]
Why is chess a sport is it a mental sport? [Read More]
Hey Everyone, I'm analyzing the world chess championship games with explanations for the beginner level! Follow this week at MTXCHESS on youtube!... [Read More]
Hi everyone. I'd like to post something like a poll here. I'm anxious to see your opinion about good chess players (or the title 'above... [Read More]
Just watched it. Couldn't resist to share it with others.... [Read More]
I don't really know... probably just to copy and paste the game score, and not to actually show it on a board? [Read More]
Hi all, Ha, this is a product, which I have been working on for a while. Now I would like to know how helpful you... [Read More]
This is for people who have a rapid/blitz rating less than 500. These are bad openings for black I will show each opening that is... [Read More]
Possibly helpful: The Nimzo-Larsen Attack: Move by Move (2013) https://web.archive.org/web/20140627052905/http://www.chesscafe.com/text/hansen175.pdf "Many opening monographs have enthusiastic titles of the form Winning with the... and invite the... [Read More]
The Noj of Slovenia Dubrovniks and just recently their 1961 Tal set have shared the spotlight in many of these forums. But I would like... [Read More]
For all you Dubrovnik Chess set fans and collectors, here's a link to some fantastic footage of the 1959 Bled Int'l Candidates Tournament showing Bobby... [Read More]
my dear Friend @OpenJoyfulkitty has closed!!!!. Pls press F in his memory. I sont know wut F means so also pls tell me. F... [Read More]
;( title... [Read More]
Well, it is, isn't it? [Read More]
3 games I played with PrangiuS did not play and got automatically aborted for unknown reason therefore bringing his elo down. Could you please look... [Read More]
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