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Hello, I've been looking for the game analysis on the app but I didn't find it. But when I search on the web I can... [Read More]
These pop ups will appear each time a page is reloaded or a new page is loading. How can I disable that? [Read More]
I've begun trying out something (especially in the early-middle game) where instead of thinking about the impact of moving a piece or a gameplan to... [Read More]
What do you think about this? Magnus used to play tournaments on here a lot but now seems to like playing on other websites. [Read More]
Recently, in one of the Clubs I'm an Admin in, there has been some concern that 1 or more Admins in the club are removing... [Read More]
Lately they're all losses, unless my opponent runs out of time or shoots themselves in the foot. It doesn't much bother me anymore. I no... [Read More]
Don't really feel in the best frame of mind (or body!). Any tips from fellow insomniacs? I don't react well to strong coffee, so that's... [Read More]
Can't people just be sportsmanlike without abusing because you beat them or decline a rematch et cetera? [Read More]
IS a Pawn Brave or COWARDLY to Promote? by DENVER = = = = = = = = = = = "What is absurd and... [Read More]
and what are they for? [Read More]
supercalifragilisticexpialidociousabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz... [Read More]
Hi everyone, this is another KOTL. I thought I'd try my hand at running one. For now it'll mainly be MM but over time I'll... [Read More]
i dont care just post random stuff... [Read More]
for those who don't know, AMA means ask me anithing... [Read More]
Playing a stronger opponent triggers three distinct responses from me. I either fight (when I can), flight (goodbye chess.com, I am out of here and... [Read More]
Given that the original forum, created 3 years ago by ostrich321, now has 8164 posts and takes forever to load, and seeing that the OP... [Read More]
Hopefully, these tips will help you on what you should add on your club's profile. Make your homepage stand out. We want people to think... [Read More]
Could someone please give SugarGlider22 a membership. She is really nice and needs it... [Read More]
I have organized a tournament to celebrate the 2020 Tata Steel event in Wijk aan Zee! Please join to participate in an exciting event. https://www.chess.com/tournament/2020-tata-steel-celebration... [Read More]
I have been wondering what defines a "Brilliant Move" rather than just a "Best Move" in the new game analysis report ( https://www.chess.com/news/view/improvers-rejoice-new-analysis-feature-is-now-in-beta ). From... [Read More]
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