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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
What is it??? Tell me ur fears!!!!🤦🏻‍♀️lol... [Read More]
1. You are a GM 2. You think my blitz rating is bad 3. You are in the top 10 for your age group 4.... [Read More]
They announced it in the morning, I was fiddling with it since. First, the good news: It works on both Windows AND the Apple mac!... [Read More]
k let do this... [Read More]
Last night, I played a game at 5|15 time limit. We reached a position where I had R+3P vs R+2P. It was not clearly won... [Read More]
I started playing chess again just over a year ago. I had long forgotten about it since I learned how to play from my father... [Read More]
I love the chess.com website, however there are a few things that drive me nuts. The biggest one is the impossibility to repeat problems in... [Read More]
Please give @CatfromIzrael a membership. [Read More]
Hi, I want to know what is the best variation for Sicilian. One of the best chess players in my club keeps beating me whenever... [Read More]
This is an unrated game with Guard and Hunter I play with White. 1. e4... [Read More]
Please give @CatfromIsrael a membership. [Read More]
I am trying to remember an opening. I remember it involves Bxh7+ but it is not the Greek Gift Sacrifice. It was a British term... [Read More]
This is the Mega-dog Game #23 (bulldog with witch) between @Bad_Dobby_Fischer (White) and @ChessPlayerwithskilz (Black). Game rules for bulldog with witch can be found (here).... [Read More]
I reached this endgame position as white and it shows white has a strong advantage but I don't see how to capitalize on it. In... [Read More]
I was studying this position and some times I win, some times the PC wins and some times there is a draw. If white plays... [Read More]
Hi, I would to know which is better, d6 or Nc6 in the Sicilian after your opponent plays Nf3. In a bullet game, I don't... [Read More]
In fact Bughouse is a team game, evaluation of score does not reflect it is. One of team mate loses in purpose teamwork fails. so... [Read More]
if we got facility to check nearby location players as it's showing in chatting site, it will really increase fun to play and find people's... [Read More]
#suggestion Hey! I was wondering if chess.com could make it so that we can play from a custom FEN in live (unrated) chess. This could... [Read More]
Help me move forward in chess without paying any money Thanks... [Read More]
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