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Sharp divisions emerge at Port Moresby summit as Japan and US push back against China's growing influence in the Pacific... [Read More]
Retaliatory tariffs will prevent Volvo Cars from exporting S60 sedans from Charleston to China, the automaker's top U.S. executive said during a speech this month... [Read More]
A Formula 3 driver has fractured her spine in a horrific high-speed crash at the Macau Grand Prix in China.As Sophia Floersch, 17, approached a... [Read More]
President Macron has made an impassioned case for a European army and a beefed-up foreign policy to prevent the European Union from becoming a "plaything"... [Read More]
The standoff left the gathering of 21 nations in Papua New Guinea without a joint statement to close the event for the first time in... [Read More]
Investors have been generally punishing Chinese film production companies for promoting quantity over quality, amid an overall slowing of China's economic growt... [Read More]
"Leaders in authoritarian countries like Russia, China, Venezuela, now repress the media using your words," Fox News host Chris Wallace told Trump. [Read More]
It's not just the China trade talks and the Fed's interest rate hikes that are making investors nervous. Duplicating the process from last night's post... [Read More]
China News: BEIJING: Despite being blocked in China, Twitter and other overseas social media sites have long been used freely by activists and government critics... [Read More]
Sophia Floersch was lifted into the air before striking the catch fence at a race in China. [Read More]
Leader fail to issue joint communiqué... [Read More]
Meng Hongwei— who was China's vice-minister of public security while also leading Interpol – was detained as part of a corruption purgeMore than 1,000 delegates... [Read More]
Speaking to reporters at the end of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said negotiations had been difficult between the 21... [Read More]
PORT MORESBY: An acrimonious meeting of world leaders in Papua New Guinea failed to agree Sunday on a final communique, highlighting widening divisions between global... [Read More]
An immodest proposal: "Boycott the Chinese Language" November 18, 2018 @ 11:46 am · Filed by... [Read More]
Gold initially began its bounce on Wednesday on the back of news that China hawk Peter Navarro had been muzzled by the White House... [Read More]
"Try as we did, we couldn't come to an agreement on certain trade issues. The gulf was too big. The US and China could not... [Read More]
Leaders of Asia-Pacific nations failed to agree a joint communique after a summit for the first time on Sunday after police had to be called... [Read More]
New Delhi feels that Beijing will focus on food security by diversifying imports in view of trade war... [Read More]