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Sen Cotton: "Because of China's duplicity and dishonesty from the beginning, we need to at least ask the question." [Read More]
ISLAMABAD: China is preparing to send an army of 100,000 ducks to Pakistan to help the country exterminate the locust plague that has been posing... [Read More]
An early cut of the film featured Mulan sharing a kiss with her love interest, Chen. Disney has decided to remove the scene after their... [Read More]
Only a week ago market pundits were still telling investors to fade the panic from the COVID-19 outbreak. But Tracy Chen didn't share in the... [Read More]
"Employees have a lot of opportunities to work here, to work elsewhere," a company executive said in response to questions about the company's China deal. [Read More]
The Associated Press published a story early Thursday morning using reporting from Chinese-based Ningbo Evening News that Chinese authorities were deploying 100,000 ducks to Pakistan... [Read More]
There are four Chinese and Spanish immersion programs in a N.C. district with plans just announced for a fifth program. Officials in the district say... [Read More]
Post-coronavirus, China air traffic will not rebound quickly. In fact, it will have a very different structure. [Read More]
Federal and state officials are reacting to possibly illegal treatment of workers in a Chinese-owned factory in the Dayton area that was exposed in the... [Read More]
As the outbreak of COVID-19 continues to cause many Chinese factories to sit idle and shipping containers to sit empty, the Georgia Ports Authority could... [Read More]
The deadly coronavirus epidemic will cost world tourism at least $22 billion owing to a drop in spending by Chinese tourists, the... [Read More]
A 1981 novel by bestselling author Dean Koontz described a deadly virus originating in the same Chinese city where the current coronavirus outbreak was first... [Read More]
Huawei will build its first European manufacturing plant in France, the chairman said on Thursday, as the Chinese telecom giant seeks to ease worldwide concerns... [Read More]
Plague Inc. is no longer available on the iOS App Store in China. Apple removed the virus simulator at the request of Chinese regulators. [Read More]
Rexburg resident and China Horizons' Director Alyssa Petersen is once again in custody. She was first arrested in September 2019 by Chinese officials. They alleged... [Read More]
He explains why China's biggest online healthcare platform might become even more dominant during the coronavirus outbreak. [Read More]
Chinese airlines are reportedly offering basement-bargain flights for as cheap as a cup of coffee. [Read More]
Kobe Bryant's uniform worn in the 2000 NBA Finals and his handprints from Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood are among the personal memorabilia set to... [Read More]
The Chinese woman convicted for resisting arrest without violence after allegedly taking photos of Mar-a-Lago has filed an appeal in her case. [Read More]
Ambassador to the United Nations says it is 'sad that the United States has gone so far as to warn some medium and small countries... [Read More]
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