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The Chinese virus has confirmed what most of us already knew: the government doesn't believe the truth is essential.Jesus Christ is the Truth and His... [Read More]
I received a postcard, which in big, bold letters stated "President Trump's Coronavirus Guidelines for America." What a laugh. Watch his press conferences. I suspect... [Read More]
The BBC's Chris Mason took a Labour representative to task during Friday's Any Questions programme, after she denied suggestions that the coronavirus was a "Chinese... [Read More]
It appears that the Coeur d'Alene Press, led by Dwayne Hagadone, has become an extended arm of Communist China's propaganda machine by publishing Andrea Nagel's... [Read More]
The "man who would be king" has made many unilateral decisions since taking office in 2017 - decisions that have caused harm to many of... [Read More]
CNN pundit Brooke Baldwin has tested positive for the coronavirus according to a statement posted to Instagram. Baldwin's announcement comes just days after her fellow... [Read More]
In a recent interview, billionaire short-seller Jim Chanos stated that gig economy companies such as Uber will be "harmed, not enhanced" by the Wuhan coronavirus... [Read More]
In a war, you have to fight with whatever weapons are available. [Read More]
The mass hysteria over COVID-19 in the U.S. is driven in large measure by misleading statistics and bad math about the disease's body count. (snip)... [Read More]
For weeks, President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo used the terms "Chinese virus" and "Wuhan virus" in public and said they intended... [Read More]
Ignorance breeds fear. In this case President Trump has used language predicated in ignorance, causing fear in so many citizens. Calling COVID-19 the medically incorrect... [Read More]
What's in a name? Previous pandemics and outbreaks have taken on the names of places, but doing so has consequences. Naming novel coronavirus the "Chinese... [Read More]
What's in a name? Previous pandemics and outbreaks have taken on the names of places, but doing so has consequences and naming novel coronavirus the... [Read More]
Why we shouldn't call COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, the Chinese Virus, China Virus, or Wuhan Virus. [Read More]
Be kind in these times. Break the chain of racism with love, not aggression. [Read More]
Thankfully, not everyone in showbiz thinks Hollywood virtue-signaling is the most charming thing in the universe. Recently, celebrity podcast host Joe Rogan had a mouthful... [Read More]
A film showing a Wuhan based virus expert catching bats has fuelled a conspiracy theory that the disease was man-made and leaked from a lab.The... [Read More]
"Chinese virus," my neighbor muttered.  My parents were in our driveway, walking back from the mailbox when our neighbor felt compelled to reduce them to... [Read More]
So how did it start, this "Chinese virus" our president keeps referring to? [Read More]
After promising to deliver ventilators to hospitals treating Chinese virus patients in Los Angles, Elon Musk has reportedly delivered a number of CPAP machines that... [Read More]
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