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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi established the new marching orders Sunday during her appearance on CNN, attacking President Trump for his handling of the Chinese virus... [Read More]
Does Mark Zuckerberg know more about the Chinese virus pandemic than Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro? [Read More]
In a time when many Christians are going out of their way to ease the suffering of those who have contracted Chinese Virus, lefties are... [Read More]
a term other world leaders rejected as needlessly divisive. These racia... [Read More]
"Borat" director Larry Charles is whipping up coronavirus hysteria, calling President Trump a "deliberate criminal" and suggesting that his "ineptitude" caused death during the spread... [Read More]
When everything from professional sports to entertainment award shows have become political forums, it's no surprise that an infectious disease outbreak moved from the realm... [Read More]
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sett the marker during her appearance Sunday on CNN that the new marching orders are to attack President Donald Trump for... [Read More]
CBS News was caught using Italian footage showing a full ICU with doctors tending to victims of the Chinese virus, COVID-19, when reporting on the... [Read More]
The FBI says it assumes a portion of the US public "will associate COVID-19 with China and Asian American populations." President Trump has said that while... [Read More]
Twitter has forced Fox News host Laura Ingraham to take down a tweet reporting on news that the malaria drug Hydroxychloroquine has been used to... [Read More]
It echoes how politicians created fear of gay men during the AIDS crisis with "Gay-Related Immune Deficiency." [Read More]
An Australian astrophysicist was hospitalized with magnets stuck up his nose while trying to create a necklace that will warn people when they touch their... [Read More]
Texas Tech University Professor Richard Wigmans told his colleagues in an email last week that he might "reconsider" his atheism if President Donald Trump died... [Read More]
Asian-owned businesses have been especially hard hit by reaction to COVID-19 because of labels like 'Chinese virus,' statement says... [Read More]
Twitter took down two tweets from Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, citing its policy against misinformation related to the Chinese coronavirus, despite refusing to take down... [Read More]
The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) published a press release about possible censorship by administrators at the University of California. Last week, the... [Read More]
Asian-owned buisnesses have been especially hard hit by reacton to COVID-19 because of labels like 'Chinese virus,' statement says... [Read More]
A University of Texas at Austin dean argued this week that the term "Chinese virus" is inspiring hateful acts against Asian-American students on campus. [Read More]
Director Mostafa Keshvari explores "Chinese virus" discrimination in his trapped elevator drama shot last month in Vancouver and now being shopped to streamers. [Read More]
President Donald Trump called in for an interview Monday on "Fox & Friends" to provide an update on the ongoing fight against the coronavirus outbreak... [Read More]
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