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We have a lot of fun around here at Chosen One of the Day Headquarters. But sometimes we must eschew the fun, the happy, the... [Read More]
THE OWL HOUSE Clip - Luz The Chosen One (2020) Disney Channel Self-assured teenager Luz stumbles upon a portal to…... [Read More]
There are a few sentences that can immediately, ahem, tie together women: Text me when you get home. I just wanna dance. Or, at 3... [Read More]
My blood started to boil as I listened to Biden, at one time the chosen one, denigrate Sanders, Warren, & Medicare for All, a policy... [Read More]
All these years later and he still hears the chants when he's standing at the free-throw line at the United Center. "M-V-P!"... [Read More]
They attempted to will a Biden presidency even as he never won a primary before after two tries. Electability quotient is just as fraudulent as... [Read More]
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