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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
ET spoke with the former Bachelorette star this week, where she shared her thoughts on all the drama surrounding the franchise. [Read More]
The author and race educator says the 'Bachelor' host is sincere and committed to educating himself on issues of race. [Read More]
® &... [Read More]
THE Bachelor's Chris Harrison has met with "race author Michael Eric Dyson" after he was accused of "defending racism." The disgraced host met with the... [Read More]
Rachel Lindsay explained why she's not giving her opinion on whether Chris Harrison should return to Bachelor Nation — read more... [Read More]
Chris Harrison wants to return to 'The Bachelor' after stepping aside during season 25, but Bachelor Nation has mixed feelings — read more... [Read More]
Rachel Lindsay previously said she accepts Chris Harrison's most recent apology amid the Bachelor franchise's racism controversy... [Read More]
Rachel Lindsay is ready to move forward, for better or for worse. The 35-year-old lawyer-turned-entertainment news correspondent opened up on Thursday afternoon, revealing her take... [Read More]
The former Bachelorette explained why she wants to remove herself from the narrative. [Read More]
Rachel Lindsay doesn't want to weigh in on Chris Harrison's future with The Bachelor. During the latest episode of Lindsay's Higher Learning podcast with Van Lathan, the former Bachelorette star revealed... [Read More]
Chris Harrison's apology might not have happened without a far-ranging conversation he had with author Michael Eric Dyson ... about historical racism and the perception... [Read More]
Chris Harrison, the host of ABC's popular reality show "The Bachelor," is looking to return after an indefinite hiatus amid calls for his permanent removal... [Read More]
Chris Harrison, the host of ABC's popular reality show "The Bachelor," is vowing to return after an indefinite hiatus amid calls for his permanent removal... [Read More]
His desperate desire to keep his job might explain why we saw Chris Harrison prostrate at the feet of the mob, begging for forgiveness and... [Read More]
For starters: Is Chris Harrison hosting, y/n? [Read More]
On Thursday, "Good Morning America" aired Michael Strahan's interview with Harrison in which he voiced his regret for defending current "Bachelor" contestant Rachael Kirkconnell and apologized to Lindsay... [Read More]
Rachel Lindsay reveals whether or not she accepts Chris Harrison's apology issued on 'Good Morning America' following his controversial 'Extra' interview. [Read More]
Rachel Lindsay has said she accepts Chris Harrison's apology and that it's time to 'move forward' after The Bachelor host sparked a racism row when... [Read More]
Bachelorette star Lindsay, who was the first black lead on the show, told Extra Thursday 'I need to accept the apology, so we can all... [Read More]
Chris Harrison spoke for the first time Thursday after his decision to step aside from "The Bachelor" franchise, and the former host of the ABC... [Read More]
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