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I don't usually mind Lew La Chance's letters when he reminds us to look both ways before crossing the street, or drive at or below... [Read More]
In the 1960s, a Viking settlement was discovered in Newfoundland, Canada that predated Christopher Columbus's famous voyage by about 500 years. The... [Read More]
All across the nation, statues and monuments to the Confederacy, Christopher Columbus, Jefferson Davis and others have ben removed amid conversations surrounding the glorification of... [Read More]
Christopher Columbus was a great explorer. In 1492, he found a new land (America). With three ships: the Santa Maria, Nina, and Pinta, and 90... [Read More]
There is a golden rule for dealing with difficult, emotive issues. When dealing with perceived slights, actual insults, misbehavior and ill-gotten gains, between friends, frenemies,... [Read More]
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