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The chopping of wood at L'Anse aux Meadows, in Newfoundland, Canada was dated to 1021 AD using a radiocarbon signal in trees from a solar... [Read More]
New research pinpoints an exact date Vikings from Europe were in North America: 1021 A.D. (one millennium ago this year), 430 years before Christopher Columbus... [Read More]
The Vikings used their longships to cross the Atlantic Ocean and were settled in the Americas as early as 1021, according to a new study.... [Read More]
Terre Haute Tribune-Star. Oct. 14, 2021. Editorial: Rokita discovers new way to stir the pot ... [Read More]
It's too easy, right? Too simple — shoving Christopher Columbus off the historical honor roll, pulling down his statues, yanking his "day" away from him... [Read More]
Another thing worth remembering on Columbus Day. [Read More]
After residents voiced opinions and after self-education, they say, Walla Walla County Commissioners voted on Monday, Oct. 18, to keep in place a local statue... [Read More]
In grade school and beyond, we learn about Christopher Columbus and his pioneering voyage of 1492. Merely two decades after it, however, European explorers stumbled... [Read More]
Jissel Vasquez, an 8th grader at Carver Middle School, wore a sign around her neck calling Christopher Columbus "no hero." [Read More]
Los Angeles County celebrated the second Monday of October as Indigenous Peoples' Day, replacing Columbus Day, though the day remains a federal holiday.A middle school... [Read More]
While the battle continues around the potential removal of the Christopher Columbus statue in Pittsburgh's Schenley Park, another controversial piece of historic local public art... [Read More]
As the fate of the Christopher Columbus statue in Pittsburgh remains in limbo, another controversial statue is headed out of town. [Read More]
Our great country is made up of a very diverse population. It is a travesty that some of the leaders -- namely President Biden, Gov.... [Read More]
Christopher Columbus nearly sank Winchester's plans to make Indigenous Peoples' Day an official city holiday. [Read More]
Hundreds of Native Americans and supporters of various environmental advocacy groups continued their protest outside the White House for a second day – after originally... [Read More]
To the editor: I searched the Monday, Oct. 11, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner hoping to find an article recognizing Christopher Columbus Day as a national holiday,... [Read More]
In the dark of night in July 2020, the city of Chicago took down a statue of Christopher Columbus in Grant Park, after multiple clashes... [Read More]
A statue of Columbus on top of the monument was beheaded in June 2020. The city then removed the statue. Read more on Boston.com. [Read More]
The group named, "Hands off Christopher Columbus," is staking the reward. The group is looking for any leads in finding who vandalized the church, which... [Read More]
Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy called Christopher Columbus "the first victim of cancel culture." [Read More]
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