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I have never been fond of statues, especially heroic statues of dead people. So I have absolutely no problem with taking down statues all around... [Read More]
Italian-Americans plan to meet with Pueblo Mayor Nick Gradisar after two people were arrested during Sunday's rally over the Christopher Columbus monument. [Read More]
PUEBLO, Colo.,– The mayor of Pueblo is speaking out after citations were issued at a protest calling for the statue of Christopher Columbus to be... [Read More]
The current rage for tearing down statues and renaming things has reached a sort of reductio ad absurdum: the city of Columbus, Ohio has removed... [Read More]
City officials removed the Christopher Columbus statue at Seaside Park out of an abundance of caution on Monday. [Read More]
City officials removed a Christopher Columbus statue at Seaside Park in Bridgeport Monday out of an abundance of caution. [Read More]
As a result of Sunday's protest at the Christopher Columbus statue in downtown Pueblo, police confirm two men were arrested and subsequently cited. The first... [Read More]
CBS13 has learned the Christopher Columbus statue inside the California Capitol building could be moved out as early as Tuesday morning. [Read More]
The city quietly removed a statue of Christopher Columbus from its perch overlooking Seaside Park on Monday afternoon. At 2 p.m. it was there; by... [Read More]
In contrast to the June 28 action at the Christopher Columbus Piazza, which drew only a handful of pro-monument supporters, Sunday's multi-hour event drew a... [Read More]
Baltimore police are investigating the toppling of a Christopher Columbus statue Saturday; city is reviewing "contested" monuments... [Read More]
Pueblo police have opposing groups separated at the Christopher Columbus statue in Pueblo. (Video via KKTV) [Read More]
Over the Fourth of July weekend, four Indigenous dancers powerfully reclaimed a Christopher Columbus monument. [Read More]
As a Italian-American, I want to express my disappointment and disgust at the cowardly act of decapitating the statue of Christopher Columbus at Waterbury City... [Read More]
While his counterparts are beheaded, toppled and pitched into dark waters across the nation, Christopher Columbus seems largely ignored in the nation's capital these days.... [Read More]
The same statue was vandalized in late June. [Read More]
Diving crews from private companies lifted the statue of Christopher Columbus out of Baltimore's Inner Harbor Monday morning, days after it was toppled by protesters. [Read More]
Weeks after the Christopher Columbus statue in New Haven's Wooster Square came down amidst some violent protests, there's now a billboard along Interstate 95 highlighting... [Read More]
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan on Sunday urged Baltimore city leaders to regain control of their own streets after violent protesters toppled a statue of Christopher... [Read More]
Protesters in Baltimore hauled down a statue of Christopher Columbus and threw it into a harbor on July 4. Protesters in New York City burned... [Read More]
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