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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  In the middle of Orange Mound, they gathered.  The community is tired of the crime "We have placed cameras out and we... [Read More]
stadium bond vote expected for nm united... [Read More]
multi-use stadium bond to go before Albuquerque City Council... [Read More]
Dublin city council has issued 117 on-the-spot fines of €40 to motorists for parking on footpaths since a local law aimed at tackling illegal parking... [Read More]
Mayor James Fiorentini said he plans to resume talks with the City Council about changing the decades-old at-large electoral system to a mixed system of ward and at-large... [Read More]
As Pittsburgh City Council voted on how to divvy up $335 million in covid-19 relief money last week, the people of Wilkinsburg continued to wrestle... [Read More]
City Council July 20 approved a lease agreement with West Cape May for use of available space at the West Cape May Fire Station. [Read More]
Mayor James Fiorentini said he plans to resume talks with the City Council about changing the decades-old at-large electoral system to a mixed system of... [Read More]
Spokane City Council candidate Tyler LeMasters was beaming when he began recording an Instagram video on Nov. 3, 2020. [Read More]
The Savannah City Council approved a pilot program calling for the use of aluminum to-go cups. The ordinance would allow businesses to sell aluminum to-go... [Read More]
The Arcata City Council is looking to fill the seat vacated by Sofia Pereira. [Read More]
The Copperas Cove City Council is expected to meet in a special workshop Tuesday to discuss the tax rate for Fiscal Year 2021-2022. [Read More]
Plans for Griswold Park are being put to a halt as Erie City Council removes a resolution for park improvements. The resolution was intended for... [Read More]
The Goleta City Council unanimously approved the change of the city's 1,300 high pressure…... [Read More]
The Somerton City Council has approved a nearly $38 million budget for the new fiscal year that includes funding to help spur development on the... [Read More]
A Black city council candidate in Massachusetts says gallon-sized jugs containing urine with racial and political messages written on them were thrown on his driveway. [Read More]
Meadville City Council has gone on record against Allegheny College from potentially tearing four homes the college owns on Prospect Street. Residents in the area... [Read More]
The ongoing renovations to the former Holy Family Academy have stalled yet again. The city council has rejected bids for the construction project for the... [Read More]
The Willmar City Council is allowing staff to continue to work on the tax increment financing plan for the Block 25 Lofts apartment project in... [Read More]
The Ridgefield City Council this week appointed Judy Chipman and Rachel Coker to Positions 7 and 2, respectively, filling two vacancies created by council resignations. [Read More]
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