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Chris Evans marks six years since Chadwick Boseman was unveiled as Black Panther during promotion for Captain America: Civil War. [Read More]
As sleek highway overpasses and shopping malls sprouted in Ivory Coast's commercial capital Abidjan following the 2010-11 civil war, investors often pointed to 2020 as... [Read More]
Elected officials across Oregon on Wednesday condemned voter intimidation and efforts to stoke political violence in the wake of next week's election, in a pointed... [Read More]
At the close of the Civil War, President Lincoln told soldiers of a Union regiment that his policy would be one of "With malice toward... [Read More]
The message was directed at right-wing paramilitary groups that have talked of a civil war commencing as the vote is counted. [Read More]
Voter suppression is a strategy used to influence the outcome of an election by discouraging or preventing specific groups of people from voting instead of... [Read More]
In the time between Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther, Shuri upgraded the suit T'Challa... [Read More]
Expensify CEO David Barrett sent an email to his company's 10 million customers on Thursday urging them to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe... [Read More]
Before the Civil War, Texans were divided about joining the Confederacy... [Read More]
Atlantic writer Mike Giglio profiles the Oath Keepers, a pro-Trump militia group, in a new article. "They believe that there is a very strong likelihood... [Read More]
In his column in the Oct. 14 edition of this newspaper, Dr. Ken Wolf asked the question, "Can we find equilibrium?" And, in the March... [Read More]
Institutional peace bodies are being shut down in the Central American nation. The move is seen by victims as a retreat by the government on... [Read More]
CIVIL WAR within the Conservative Party is "inevitable" as divides over Boris Johnson's handling of the coronavirus pandemic deepen according to a senior Tory. [Read More]
A Virginia judge ruled late Tuesday that Gov. Ralph Northam (D) has the authority to remove a 60-foot-high statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee... [Read More]
Manisha Sinha argues that the stakes in the 2020 presidential election are almost as high as in 1860, when Abraham Lincoln was elected on the... [Read More]
Please support local journalism by subscribing at https://explore.mypapertoday.com/wickedlocalpremium Gordon Shepard is seeking donations to install granite curbing around the Civil War veterans lot to protect... [Read More]
Most local residents know of Caldwell Park, located at 700 E. Lewis St., though few know anything about the Union soldier for which it's named. [Read More]
Most local residents know of Caldwell Park, located at 700 E. Lewis St., though few know anything about the Union soldier for which it's named. [Read More]
It cannot be said enough that a historical marker on Western Kentucky University's campus simply denoting the historical fact that Bowling Green was the Confederate... [Read More]
To the Editor:With the nation awash in anxiety over voter disenfranchisement, it's worth remembering our voting rights history.The post-Civil War Reconstruction period saw many Black... [Read More]
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