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Last week I wrote about two of the earliest muzzleloading blackpowder firearms used in the colonies — the matchlock and the wheel lock — and... [Read More]
As Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. enters its seventh and final season, the show's cast and crew are taking some time to look back on the show... [Read More]
The annual "Campmeeting" at Effingham County United Methodist Campground has truly stood the test of time. [Read More]
Nothing in the Constitution requires members of Congress to be physically present on Capitol Hill when they vote on legislation. Yet this week, lawmakers are... [Read More]
Wednesday at 8:00 pm | Watch Trailer... [Read More]
SKA KELLEN took a swipe at fellow EU party leader Manfred Weber, calling him "cheap" after attempting to push richer member states into agreeing to... [Read More]
The Chronicles Of Grant County Undated image of Abraham Lincoln. Photo provided courtesy of the Library of Congress  President Abraham Lincoln is known... [Read More]
Will President Donald Trump go down as the worst president in history? That question is being asked a lot, by scholars and columnists,... [Read More]
Boris Johnson has seen his party's ratings tumble by four points amid the row over whether his maverick chief adviser broke lockdown rules, while Labour's... [Read More]
BORIS Johnson was battling to contain a Tory revolt over the future of his aide Dominic Cummings last night after a frontbencher quit in protest... [Read More]
Almost 135 years after Ulysses S. Grant's death, History's 'Grant' gives the brilliant general and troubled President his due. [Read More]
Russia has sent fighter jets to Libyan rebels in a serious escalation of foreign involvement in the country's civil war.The Pentagon has claimed that the... [Read More]
I am 70 years old and have been a registered nurse for 37 years. Presently I work part-time as a home health nurse. (In the... [Read More]
The following is an excerpt from a story which ran in our annual newsletter, Vol. 18 – 2019. Rufus H. Day fought in the Civil... [Read More]
The various new parts of the Shaw 54th regiment memorial will begin to go into the expanded new site at the Boston Common soon after... [Read More]
You can learn so much Civil War history by visiting a Maine cemetery on Memorial Day. Their wooden shafts attached to five-star markers, the small... [Read More]
BORIS Johnson refuses to sack Dominic Cummings despite a Tory civil war breaking out. The PM again stood by his chief aide who is accused... [Read More]
There are several stories taking credit for the creation of the 24 notes which were adopted by Congress in 2012 as the national song of... [Read More]
In a Zoom class on the Civil War last week, I heard an actor recite the Gettysburg address. It was delivered in a voice sounding... [Read More]
MICHEL BARNIER was under pressure not to surrender to Britain too early after it emerged the European Union's chief negotiator was preparing for a significant... [Read More]
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