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Print this articleOn Wednesday, Fox Sports radio analyst Colin Cowherd unveiled his "Super Bowl bubble" for the 2020 season, comparin... [Read More]
HOUR 3: Dan Patrick was today's mystery guest and gave OMF some tips for interviewing. Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe, Eric Mangini, Jason Whitlock... [Read More]
Tom Brady and Cam Newton seem to have similar interests. [Read More]
On today's Best for Last, Colin Cowherd attempts to do a spelling bee. Hear him try to spell names of various notable athletes. [Read More]
Cam Newton remains unsigned as the NFL comes closer to starting. Hear what Colin Cowherd thinks is holding him back from being signed and being... [Read More]
Cowherd continues to be down on the Browns' young quarterback even when he's sort of up on the team. [Read More]
During his time in the spotlight, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has made a few enemies, none more vocal than Colin Cowherd. [Read More]
On today's Best for Last, Colin Cowherd fills out a bracket for the NBA playoffs with one of the reportedly proposed ways to resume the... [Read More]
Colin Cowherd is ready to unveil his Super Bowl bubble for the 2020 NFL season. Hear which teams he thinks have the best chance at... [Read More]
Danny Green joins Colin Cowherd to talk NBA. Hear Danny's thoughts on the league's potential return and reported 16-team playoff format and playing with LeBron... [Read More]
As trade rumors swirl around Russell Wilson, find out why Colin Cowherd believes the Seattle Seahawks are disrespecting their franchise quarterback. [Read More]
A recent report stated that the Miami Dolphins are considering starting Tua Tagovailoa as early as Week 1. Hear why Colin Cowherd thinks that Tua... [Read More]
Colin Cowherd can't understand why anyone is even remotely high on the Patriots' chances in the upcoming NFL season. No…... [Read More]
'The Match' on Sunday was an intimate look at golf and athletes. Hear which athletes Colin Cowherd would want to see face each other in... [Read More]
Colin Cowherd takes a look at the Cincinnati Bengals 2020 schedule and predicts that Joe Burrow is going to have a really rough rookie season. [Read More]
With Tom Brady's departure, some think that Bill Belichick will work his magic and the New England Patriots will once again win the AFC East.... [Read More]
A recent report stated that Russell Wilson is interested in having Antonio Brown sign with the Seattle Seahawks. Hear why Colin Cowherd thinks there's just... [Read More]
Yesterday's 'The Match' pitted NFL stars with golf stars and Colin Cowherd loved it. Hear what Colin thinks the game of golf as a whole... [Read More]
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