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Connecticut Supreme Court rules that firearms manufacturer Remington can be sued by the families of victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting. [Read More]
The Connecticut Supreme Court's March 14 decision to allow a lawsuit to proceed against the manufacturer, distributor, and seller of the assault-style rifle that was... [Read More]
The Connecticut Supreme Court's ruling (March 15 Connecticut Mirror story, "Sandy Hook suit revived") on suing gun makers for the 2012 tragedy at Sandy Hook... [Read More]
In reference to the Connecticut Supreme Court's ruling that Remington could be sued: I have never seen an ad by Remington or any other firearms... [Read More]
As you've probably heard by now, the Connecticut Supreme Court over-ruled a lower court ruling to allow a lawsuit by the survivors and heirs of... [Read More]
Is the recent ruling by the Connecticut Supreme Court against Remington Arms Co. that "it could have foreseen the appeal of an AR-15 to the... [Read More]
The Connecticut Supreme Court's ruling endangers the firearms industry and Americans' First and Second Amendment rights. [Read More]
Now it's a case of illegal "marketing" [Read More]