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For years conservative groups and especially the National Rifle Association have been warning that the government would find a way to confiscate the guns of... [Read More]
Establishment Republicans sought Tuesday to thwart polarizing conservative Kris Kobach's bid for Kansas' open Senate seat, a task complicated by President Trump's refusal to endorse... [Read More]
In Central Valley and other conservative parts of California, small but significant numbers of Republican voters have turned against Trump. [Read More]
The pundit was never a rational, thoughtful conservative. He just played one on TV. [Read More]
Republicans in Kansas will decide Tuesday whether to nominate a little-known congressman considered the safe choice by the establishment or a conservative firebrand who pursued... [Read More]
Your property tax dollars are going to fund an "education" system that is in the direct control of ideologues and fanatics. Government schools are now,... [Read More]
Kansas arch-conservative Kris Kobach and prominent Michigan progressive Rashida Tlaib - candidates from the outer edges of the Republican and Democratic parties - are on... [Read More]
The Herald-Republic's editorial regarding Dan Newhouse's bill in support of local news outlets failed to address, in my opinion, a major reason declining subscribership continues... [Read More]
Some Republicans worry that Kris Kobach, a polarizing conservative who lost the Kansas governor's race in 2018, would put a solid GOP Senate seat in... [Read More]
The pandemic has allowed us to conduct an experiment on how government assistance is good for the economy... [Read More]
Conservative international investors can still get a decent pickup in yield if they fully hedge their currency exposure, something that had become more expensive in... [Read More]
A "chilling effect" in British academia is forcing conservative and pro-Brexit academics to self-censor their political opinions on campus. [Read More]
LOUISE MINCHIN grilled Conservative MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Simon Clarke on Tuesday's edition of BBC Breakfast as the presenter tried to get... [Read More]
NICOLA STURGEON was lambasted by Conservative commentator Emily Hewertson on ITV Good Morning Britain for appearing to blame under-30s for several clusters of coronavirus cases... [Read More]
As a lifelong conservative, I must admit one thing about the Trump presidency. [Read More]
I am supporting Earl Romig for Grant County Commissioner, District 1. Earl has been a lifelong resident of Grant County with a back ground of... [Read More]
A 65-year-old couple retiring this year should expect to spend about $295,000 on health care costs alone in retirement — but quite frankly, that estimate... [Read More]
Establishment Republicans are seeking to thwart polarizing conservative Kris Kobach's bid for Kansas' open Senate seat, a task complicated by President Donald Trump's refusal to... [Read More]
A Republican Senate candidate blamed his wife and sleepwalking for past donations to a far-left Democrat as he woos conservative voters in Tennessee. [Read More]
Should local governments mandate masks to limit the spread of the coronavirus? Many states and municipalities have already done so, prompting debates on the Right... [Read More]
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