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Masked rioters demanding a new constitution burned down two churches and looted several businesses in Santiago, Chile. [Read More]
Chester Theatre Company is hosting a Virtual Talkback 2 p.m. Nov. 1 on Heidi Schreck's "What the Constitution Means to Me." [Read More]
We need to rein in sheriffs and police chiefs who think they are better interpreters of the U.S. and state constitutions than Supreme Court justices.About... [Read More]
The New American covers news on politics economy culture and more based on the U.S. Constitution so that freedom shall not perish. [Read More]
A lower court's June 26 decision said the Trump administration lacked the authority to shift the military funds toward the U.S.-Mexico border project because the... [Read More]
Editor: The Constitution empowers the president to nominate Supreme Court justices during his entire four years of presidency and gives the Senate the power to... [Read More]
What do you want for our country? Do you want socialism, that controls every aspect of your life, or do you want a republic that... [Read More]
There's no reason why a rigged Supreme Court should have the final say on the law of our land. [Read More]
DOMINIC CUMMINGS is a "Maoist right-winger" who is "taking a sledgehammer" to the British constitution, former Conservative MP Dominic Grieve claimed in a throwback speech. [Read More]
Kyrgyzstan's acting President Sadyr Japarov says he will run for president in an upcoming election if lawmakers approve constitutional amendments to allow it. [Read More]
Risks this year include no certain presidential results on election night, and foreign disinformation, fake news, and big-tech censorship. [Read More]
Interpreting the language of proposed amendments to Louisiana's Constitution is not an easy task for many. That's why a non-partisan group has issued …... [Read More]
I don't agree with Dr. Rhee's letter of Oct. 1, which opposed passage of the death with dignity law in the legislature. I'm one of... [Read More]
A week before a referendum on whether to ditch Chile's dictatorship-era constitution, protesters torched two churches, looted stores and clashed with police in Santiago. Thousands... [Read More]
Kyrgyzstan's new acting president Sadyr Japarov, who came to power last week in a popular uprising, said on Monday he plans to run for a... [Read More]
One of the major questions Illinois voters will answer on Nov. 3 will be on the ballot statewide – whether to amend the state's constitution... [Read More]
To the editor: I believe that liberty is the God-given right to make personal choices that are intended to improve our lives and... [Read More]
Chuck Todd interviewed Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer this morning and turned to the recent decision of the Michigan Supreme Court that ruled that she had... [Read More]
The militia group that planned to kidnap Gov. Whitmer is steeped in a false interpretation of the constitution... [Read More]
Do not vote for Donald Trump, and do not vote for Joe Biden. Vote for the Constitution and capitalism. Donald Trump will only be in... [Read More]
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