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Iranian immigrant Anita Edgarian slams critical race theory at school board meeting in Pennsylvania. [Read More]
Mountain View School District 244 patron Mary Mangold used public input session at the July 21 meeting to address the board regarding critical race theory. [Read More]
At the July 26, 2021West Chester School Board meeting, 31 speakers registered for public comment and respectfully spoke. As School Board President, it's my duty... [Read More]
The debate about teaching Critical Race Theory in Southwest Florida schools is heating up. Some parents say it's important to learn, while others fear it... [Read More]
Critical race theory simply points out that racial inequality is not the result of... [Read More]
Rebelling against the establishment and determined to remake the curriculum, Republican activists have won nominating contests for board of education races in New Canaan, Glastonbury,... [Read More]
Ken White makes a good point that the teaching of Critical Race Theory can lead to the teaching of critical thinking in general ("Critical Race... [Read More]
Regarding the July 31 Herald Forum column by Ken W. White regarding Critical Race Theory, and his opinion that CRT should be taught in schools.... [Read More]
This month, District 49 is set to push forward a resolution banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Falcon's schools. If no public input... [Read More]
A Liberty Township man asked school officials here last month what they thought about the teaching of the highly controversial "critical race theory," while sharing... [Read More]
Somali-Dutch scholar and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali did not mince words regarding her feelings about critical race theory in an interview with Fox News, calling... [Read More]
State Sen. Rob Sampson, R-Wolcott, told about 140 people Tuesday he believes teachers should focus on teaching their students facts and keep their opinions outside... [Read More]
School choice will help stop the spread of critical race theory and give parents greater control over their children's education. [Read More]
State provides more specific information on what can be taught in schools, and what happens to those who violate the law... [Read More]
James Whitfield wrote a lengthy Facebook post responding to online and public accusations that he has taught the curriculum. [Read More]
Congressman Byron Donalds Tuesday protested Critical Race Theory from being taught in schools. It's not part of the curriculum in any Southwest Florida public school... [Read More]
One school district says a critical race theory is not a part of their curriculum. Representative Byron Donalds, who represents Collier County in Congress, says... [Read More]
With the invasion of critical race theory (CRT), cloaked as racial justice, young, innocent, impressionable and vulnerable children in many school systems are being psychologically... [Read More]
A Trump-appointed judge criticized critical race theory in a case, saying similar race-based fixations could endorse racism. [Read More]
A judge on the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals wrote a stinging opinion against so-called "equity." [Read More]
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