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Warner Bros. and DC Comics has officially revealed that the next Joker movie, Joker: Folie á... [Read More]
Creativity and soul is what makes a film good, not an endgame. [Read More]
The various movies and TV shows based on DC Comics have had a whirlwind of a week, with a lot of... [Read More]
Warner Bros. and DC Comics are expected to do a complete overhaul of their DC Comics productions,... [Read More]
DC's "League of the Super-Pets" zoomed into theaters this last week. While Warner Bros. have had a rather difficult time trying to keep their DC... [Read More]
This week, it was reported that Warner Bros. had decided to entirely shelf the release of Batgirl, an adaptation of the DC Comics character. The... [Read More]
THE SANDMAN is finally out on Netflix for DC Comics fans to binge-watch but is Star Wars' Luke Skywalker star Mark Hamill in the fantasy... [Read More]
Warner Bros. and DC Comics' quest by to gain equal footing with Disney and Marvel Studios' Hollywood superheroes reached a new low with the reported... [Read More]
Warner Bros Discovery has been making big changes in the DCEU, but do they honestly have a plan for what to do next? [Read More]
The picture for DC Comics and its movie universe is coming into focus in part, including how The Flash is still coming to theaters. [Read More]
Earlier this week, Film Twitter spiraled into an unhappy frenzy upon hearing the news that Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) had killed the upcoming movie Batgirl.... [Read More]
DC Comics' Joker: Folie à Deux co-stars Joaquin Phoenix and is due out in October 2024. [Read More]
Writer Neil Gaiman has said he spent the last 30 years preventing interpretations of The Sandman, but feels the upcoming series is the "adaptation of... [Read More]
The anticipated feature film adaptation of DC Comics' Batgirl -- set to star Leslie Grace -- won't release on anywhere, axed at Warner Bros. [Read More]
Warner Bros' decision to cancel the theatrical release of the $90m DC Comics blockbuster was surprising, writes Louis Chilton. But the decision to deny it... [Read More]
The directors of "Batgirl" said Wednesday they were "shocked" that the $90 million superhero film had been axed by the studio and will now not... [Read More]
Despite having a $70 million budget, the DC Comics film "Batgirl," which was set to feature actor Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, will not be... [Read More]
Warner Bros. and DC Comics are getting ready to begin production on their upcoming Joker sequel,... [Read More]
DC Comics movies are in a whirlpool of confusion and doubt in terms of what will happen and when. Are more big changes coming? [Read More]
Warner Bros. announced Tuesday that "Batgirl," a feature film adaptation of the DC Comics character, will not be released in theaters or on its HBO... [Read More]
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