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Together, they released the singles 'I Feel It Coming' and 'Starboy,' the latter of which reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. [Read More]
Drink your sorrows away while jamming to their tunes at a St. Mary's Strip bar. [Read More]
It's not the duo's best-known work, but it might be their most interesting and influential. [Read More]
Is breaking up good for business? It can be, at least in the short term, as the members of Daft Punk are (separately) finding out.... [Read More]
Read PAPER's November 2007 cover story on the electro princes. [Read More]
The French electronic music duo Daft Punk announced their breakup after a massively influential 28-year run. The Onion looks back at the top moments of... [Read More]
The French electronic duo saw a 500% increase in streams on Monday, with Discovery their most popular album... [Read More]
French electronic duo Daft Punk saw a 500% increase in streams on Monday, with 'Discovery' as their most popular album. [Read More]
Known for indelible hits like "One More Time" and "Around the World," the now-legendary French duo called it quits this week after years of silence. [Read More]
They're superstars you might not notice in a supermarket. They're potential retirees in their mid-40s. They played a good game. [Read More]
Nostalgia is a tricky thing, but Daft Punk did it right. It already feels strange to refer to Daft Punk in the past tense, but... [Read More]
The tiny Australian town was surprised but got into the spirit, selling daft pork sausages and random access rissoles while celebrating a dusty agricultural show... [Read More]
The Weeknd is one of the great serial collaborators of this era, and he is generous with... [Read More]
The photo depicts Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter days before the release of "Alive 2007." [Read More]
The publicity-shy, now disbanded French duo used Hollywood special effects and NDAs to hide their faces. But what's under the helmets? [Read More]
Grammy-winning electronic music pioneers Daft Punk have announced that they are breaking up after 28 years. The helmet-wearing French duo shared the news Monday in... [Read More]
The French duo, who have announced their split after 28 years, redefined dance music... [Read More]
Daft Punk future as mysterious as ever... [Read More]
The duo's last tour was all the way back in 2007 and Variety just shared a formerly unpublished interview with the duo that touches on... [Read More]
Tributes to Daft Punk pouring in after the French duo announced their breakup on Monday morning. Listen to your favorite music now... [Read More]
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