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The shadow foreign secretary claims he 'mistakenly understood' check-in staff were seeking above-inflation pay rises... [Read More]
The shadow foreign secretary this week provoked fury among trade union leaders after declaring he did not back the planned walkout by airline workers. [Read More]
Shadow foreign secretary says he wrongly thought staff wanted 10% pay rise, rather than reinstatement of Covid pay cut... [Read More]
DAVID Lammy's hopes of leading the Labour Party appeared to be in tatters was forced to make a humiliating apology to British Airways staff who... [Read More]
Labour frontbencher David Lammy has apologised to British Airways workers as he admitted making a "mistake" in condemning their plans to strike over pay. [Read More]
Mr Lammy has written to constituents to say he had `mistakenly understood´ the situation. [Read More]
'I was not across the details of the case', foreign secretary says – after comments branded 'a new low for Labour'... [Read More]
Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy said he "categorically" condemned check-in staff's proposed walkout but now admits he was "not across the details" of their pay... [Read More]
Shadow foreign secretary David Lammy warned the government that 'hypocrisy is corrosive to our foreign policy'... [Read More]
David Lammy warns rebel MPs not to 'stand on picket lines' ahead of 'further disputes'... [Read More]
Shadow foreign secretary says party needs to show it is fit for government by seeking negotiated outcomes over strikes... [Read More]
David Lammy has suggested the result of last week's by-election in Wakefield suggests Labour are on course to win the next General Election with a... [Read More]
Shadow foreign secretary says Labour is a 'serious party of government' and its MPs should not be joining striking rail workers... [Read More]
David Lammy has said he "categorically" does not support a potential strike by BA check-in staff, as he sought to defend Labour's position on industrial... [Read More]
Shadow Foreign Secretary and Labour MP David Lammy says he 'categorically' does not support GMB and Unite staging a strike of British Airways check-in staff.... [Read More]
LABOUR's David Lammy was made fun of when he forecasted his party could win Scotland's next election. [Read More]
LABOUR hopes of a general election victory were dashed as David Lammy was warned that by-election success was not a signal of increasing party support. [Read More]
Shadow foreign secretary dismisses idea of electoral pacts and says Labour will win outright... [Read More]
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