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China's coal output has risen to its highest since 2015 - in contradiction of its claims that it is trying to reduce fossil fuel usage. [Read More]
Thousands of restaurants have opened in Italy in defiance of the country's strict lockdown regulations under the hashtag #IoApro (#IOpen). [Read More]
UK PM Boris Johnson says he is becoming 'more and more obsessed' with the UN climate conference which Britain is hosting later this year. [Read More]
Straight actors should not play gay characters says Russell T Davies, one of Britain's leading writer/producers. [Read More]
Cambridge, the university for people not interesting enough to get into Oxford, will drop its standards to attract more 'diverse' students. [Read More]
Great news! You lost your job, your business closed, freedom died, but it is worth it because CO2 fell by ten whole per cent last... [Read More]
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