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The Space Force command that will train its troops — Space Training and Readiness Command — was established in Colorado Springs last month, and two... [Read More]
Colorado Springs Police were called to reports of a motorcycle crash in Southeast Colorado Springs, on Delta Drive, just south of Hancock Expressway. When police... [Read More]
Forum cartoonist Trygve Olson comments on a recent report that local hospitals are spread thin as a result of the delta variant of COVID-19. [Read More]
The Delta strain of COVID-19 is continuing to cause problems. [Read More]
Fueled by the highly contagious Delta variant, and an inexplicable decision by more than half of the county's residents to not be vaccinated, the most... [Read More]
One of the new Covid-19 cases was symptomatic while at school on Thursday. [Read More]
Listings are few, brokers are unresponsive, and prices are high as young professionals and students vie for their own New York City rental pad. [Read More]
So how has the hotel industry recovered as the COVID-19 pandemic presses on? Joe Cozart, the former general manager of the Grand Forks Ramada Inn... [Read More]
Dame Jenny says she's certain she's broken no rules. [Read More]
A newly received prisoner may have been in contact with a Covid-19 case in the community. [Read More]
Compliance with people wearing face masks is high, say Tauranga business leaders. [Read More]
Police cars, court cleaned as prisoner with Covid-19 has more than a dozen contacts. [Read More]
A recent survey by the National Restaurant Association shows consumer sentiment around dining out is taking a dive due to the delta variant of COVID-19.... [Read More]
Last month, the Walton Family Foundation announced that Robert Burns will be the director of what's known as its Home Region Program. [Read More]
Sometimes when I call over to talk with Bubba McCoy at Bubba's Auto Emporium east of here, I begin the conversation by asking, "So, how... [Read More]
The close contact visited the court building on Monday last week during and after hours. [Read More]
Children under 12 seen to be a weak link, with school infections a major worry but vaccines as yet unavailable to youngsters. [Read More]
As delta variant cases rise, a nonprofit struggling to raise money and find participants for their biggest event of the year. It's just over a... [Read More]
The students were immediately stood down from class and told to self-isolate at home. [Read More]
Since lockdown began, 84 people in the city have been charged with Covid-19 offences. [Read More]
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