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That's great, but WTF is sNEWSi?
Rusty Hardin asked for it, and Rusty Hardin is getting it. After jostling for weeks to force the 22 women who sued Hardin's client, Texans... [Read More]
The Texans' QB has denied allegations. No criminal charges have been revealed. Here's what we know about the allegations after several weeks of twists. [Read More]
In the midst of all the drama surrounding Deshaun Watson, and with the Texans largely rendered irrelevant in the upcoming NFL Draft (the first night... [Read More]
What do the reactions to, and coverage of, the Deshaun Watson lawsuits tell us about how people view the problem of sexual assault? How do... [Read More]
Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson faces 22 civil lawsuits arising from allegations of misconduct during massage sessions. Via the Houston Chronicle, the 22 cases will be... [Read More]
As lawsuits continue to mount against Deshaun Watson, Mike Florio and Charean WIlliams speculate as to whether the QB will wind up reporting to Texans... [Read More]
KPRC 2 News has learned all 22 civil lawsuits filed against Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson have been consolidated and for pre-trial discovery will go... [Read More]
The Houston Chronicle is down one Texans beat writer after the paper fired reporter Aaron Wilson on Friday once it came to light that he... [Read More]
The intro of "Texans 360" no longer features any major highlights of Deshaun Watson. [Read More]
The 25-year-old might not ever play for the Texans again and could still be traded despite the sexual assault allegations against him. [Read More]
The Houston Texans appeared to start distancing themselves from Deshaun Watson amid the nearly two dozen lawsuits accusing the star quarterback of sexual misconduct with... [Read More]
What type of public relations hit would an organization be taking on if it made a move for Watson right now? From a football standpoint,... [Read More]
An ESPN examination of lawsuits filed against Watson and interviews with six others who were hired to massage him reveal a complex portrait of a... [Read More]
It's the latest tangible sign that quarterback Deshaun Watson won't be part of the Houston Texans' future. Via Rivers McCown, the Texans have removed Watson... [Read More]
An ESPN examination of the lawsuits filed against Watson and interviews with six others who massaged him reveal a complex portrait of a man and... [Read More]
Texas lawyer Tony Buzbee said he knew of only two victims when he filed the initial civil lawsuit against Texans QB Deshaun Watson. Three weeks... [Read More]
The names of 13 of the 22 women who have filed lawsuits accusing Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson of sexual assault and harassment will be... [Read More]
If the Deshaun Watson soap opera over the last couple months has taught us anything, it's this — whatever we think the maximum drama could... [Read More]
Deshaun Watson, in court filings against the Houston Texans quarterback, has been described as a "serial predator," but a former personal massage therapist of his... [Read More]
Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has been removed from the intro of a team video. He's been scrubbed from the "Texans 360" show intro. [Read More]
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