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It's only fair, when you think about it, but the developer of 'Destiny 2', Bungie, and original developer of the 'Halo' series has added some... [Read More]
Bungie and toymaker Hasbro are literally nerfing the Gjallarhorn — it's slated to become an official Nerf blaster, complete with Wolfpack Round-like cluster missiles of... [Read More]
The Gjallarhorn returns to Destiny, and it's also getting a Nerf blaster replica that seems massive, terrifying, and rad. [Read More]
'Destiny 2's' update alongside the Bungie anniversary has added a new character; Starhorse... [Read More]
There's a new set of armor available in Destiny 2 called Artifice, and it's a must-have for dedicated Guardians. [Read More]
Destiny 2 Lightning Rounds are elusive bonus rounds in the new activity, but starting them is a puzzle in itself... [Read More]
Bungie's 30th Anniversary Pack brings back an old fan favorite, for a price... [Read More]
Bungie's 30th Anniversary update has you perform for a celestial equine... [Read More]
The Destiny 2 Magnum Opus quest is how you get the Forerunner sidearm. It's a lengthy process, so make sure you're in for the long... [Read More]
The Grasp of Avarice has gone live in Destiny 2. With his guide, take two friends and venture back into the legendary loot cave. [Read More]
The Gjallarhorn returns... [Read More]
Reclaim the original boss-killer with this short guide on how to get the Gjallarhorn in "Destiny 2." [Read More]
The Destiny 2 30th Anniversary update has brought back the Gjallarhorn exotic rocket launcher. Here's how to get it, plus it's catalyst. [Read More]
The mall's fire alarms did not initially go off. Mall security guards were called to pull the fire alarm manually. [Read More]
Collect all of the 30th Anniversary Pack's classic "Halo" weapons with the help of this guide on their drop locations in "Destiny 2." [Read More]
Here's how to farm for the classic Eyasluna hand cannon in "Destiny 2." [Read More]
This year marks the 30th anniversary of Bungie, and to celebrate, the developer has added a new... [Read More]
Storm will have a new costume during the X-Men's Destiny of X era, courtesy of artist Russell... [Read More]
You can use the magnum, energy sword, and other weapons from Bungie's old shooter in Bungie's new shooter... [Read More]
John Laird Lynch passed away peacefully at his home in Moscow, on Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021, surrounded by those who loved him, including his daughter,... [Read More]
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