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The House Select Committee investigating the January 6th Capitol riots has heard testimony the former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows told aides that former... [Read More]
TO THE EDITOR: Miles Taylor, who was a deputy chief of staff and then chief of staff of Homeland Security during the Trump Administration (2017... [Read More]
Former President Donald Trump said he will still deliver his scheduled speech at the National Rifle Association's (NRA) ... [Read More]
Former President Donald Trump is facing a serious political setback after Georgia voters delivered a resounding rejection on Tuesday of his efforts to reshape some... [Read More]
Former president Donald Trump will headline a forum at the National Rifle Association's annual meeting in Houston this Friday -- about a four-hour drive from... [Read More]
No joke! I've blogged about some of Donald Trump's phobias. He readily admits that he has at least one, that he is a clean freak.... [Read More]
Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw said he'll be on an overseas trip to Ukraine. Former President Donald Trump, however, has given a solid yes on his... [Read More]
When Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene are the only people objecting to endless war, it's all gone wrong... [Read More]
In the days after Russia attacked Ukraine, there was a lot of talk among Republicans that Vladimir Putin would not have invaded had Donald Trump... [Read More]
Then-White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows' comment characterizing Donald Trump's reaction to his vice president was provided to the committee by at least one... [Read More]
Donald Trump and Mike Pence may face off in the 2024 GOP presidential nomination contest."With his man prevailing over Donald Trump's chosen candidate, Mike Pence... [Read More]
Counter-protests expected as about 55,000 NRA members to attend event, including Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott... [Read More]
The mob calling for former Vice President Mike Pence to be hanged during the attack on the U.S. Capitol reportedly prompted Donald Trump to remark... [Read More]
Some are welcoming the fact that former President Donald Trump's standard-bearer for governor and for his "Big Lie" campaign in Georgia, former US Senator David... [Read More]
Donald Trump's inner circle is the focus of an investigation by the Department of Justice into the fraudulent electors that were submitted to Congress by... [Read More]
Political analysts and Republican strategists caution that any jubilation among Trump's enemies over David Perdue's loss to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is short-sighted. [Read More]
Divisions in the White House have been exposed as it reviews Donald Trump's contentious trade tariffs on China. But it appears inevitable that Biden and... [Read More]
Donald Trump has been discussing Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York as a potential running mate in 2024, CNN reported Wednesday, citing "multiple GOP sources... [Read More]
Pennsylvania's top election official said Wednesday that the margin between the top two candidates in last week's Republican primary for U.S. Senate is tight enough... [Read More]
January 6 panel has heard that, after "hang Mike Pence" chants broke out at the riot, then-president Donald Trump expressed support for the prospect of... [Read More]
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