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Stanford University's Faculty Senate overwhelmingly passed a resolution against Dr. Scott Atlas, a neuroradiologist and senior fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution who is currently serving... [Read More]
Dr. Scott Atlas, the radiologist turned pandemic misinformation purveyor of the Trump administration, should face professional ostracism for his call for Michigan residents to rise... [Read More]
The Stanford Faculty Senate voted to condemn their colleague Dr Scott Atlas for spreading misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic in his role as White House... [Read More]
Colbert cold open: Dr. Scott Atlas and Hallmark have teamed up on the worst holiday card collection ever (Video) [Read More]
Members of Stanford University's faculty senate approved a measure condemning Hoover Institution fellow Dr. Scott Atlas, over his actions while advising President Donald Trump on... [Read More]
Dr. Scott Atlas, Abraham Lincoln and the Great Highway are the hottest topics. [Read More]
Dr. Scott Atlas, a Hoover Institution senior fellow turned White House adviser, has become the pseudo-intellectual face of the president's laissez-faire pandemic strategy. [Read More]
Dr. Scott Atlas, who now leads the White House response to Covid-19, tweeted that people in Michigan need to "rise up" to stop new restrictions... [Read More]
Trump's highly controversial COVID-19 advisor, Dr. Scott Atlas, is urging Americans to visit their elderly family members for Thanksgiving because it may be their final... [Read More]
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