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In granting clemency to 11 white-collar criminals, the president seems to be sending the message about what he believes is and isn't criminal activity. [Read More]
I am what the media calls a "conspiracy theorist" — a derogatory term used to smear a critical thinker who questions the statements of known... [Read More]
This was an investigation into a criminal enterprise. [Read More]
Trump's cuts at the White House National Security Council put the country at risk. How do the president's supporters justify that? [Read More]
Vladimir Putin must be rubbing his hands in glee. With the aid of GOP senators, his man in D.C. has succeeded in a masterful con.... [Read More]
I am becoming a little weary of people bashing our president.Admittedly he is a little rough around the edges sometimes but considering the great shape... [Read More]
James Hoover's feeble attempt to defend his hero Trump with the tired Republican mantra of there was no "violation of U.S. law or... [Read More]
Last Sunday's letter to the editor "Trump supporters weren't stupid" stated that "planning by 'deplorables' gave us a positive economy that is still growing." [Read More]
His biggest sin was humiliating the left and those in the entitlement culture. [Read More]
Missouri's congressional delegation should speak out and loudly about the president's unconstitutional interference. [Read More]
On the same day the letter "Trump haters should be mindful of facts" (Jan. 17, TribLIVE) appeared, there was an article headlined "White House considers... [Read More]
I rolled my eyes so hard I think I sprained something while reading last Sunday's letter to the editor "Trump succeeded as Democrats failed," which... [Read More]
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