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Recently, some economists were predicting a likely recession by 2021. But now that the coronavirus is crimping consumer spending, closing businesses, halting wages and sending... [Read More]
Counting the cranes in the skyline is an old economists' trick for gauging the strength of an economy. [Read More]
As businesses around the world close to prevent the spread of coronavirus, companies that provide essential goods and services have been stretched thin for human... [Read More]
" 'Do you think there is blood on the president's hands considering the slow response?' ... [Read More]
Two economics experts have predicted that the coronavirus could lead to the end of the euro currency and possibly the European Union itself. ... [Read More]
Faced with an unprecedented crisis, economists and investors are racing to understand the depth of the coronavirus recession and its aftershocks. The problem is, the... [Read More]
Legislators from both parties, administration officials, economists, think tanks and lobbyists are already roughing out the contours of yet another emergency-spending package—perhaps larger than the... [Read More]
By Francis Koster The coronavirus is going to impact our local economy for several years. Just because the federal government has taken some steps this... [Read More]
Western economists often believe that China's economy follows a rough approximation of America's. But it doesn't. How, for example, can China build massive overproduction in... [Read More]
No one knows how this recession may unfold or how effectively the government's rescue programs might help. Ignited by an external event — a raging... [Read More]
Unemployment in Britain is set to more than double in coming months, despite government efforts to incentivise employers to keep staff. Economists warn that the... [Read More]
A flood of bad news on the economy is about to pour in confirming what has become quite obvious: the U.S. is sinking into a... [Read More]
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After receiving a slew of demands from dozens of companies and economists, the British government has unveiled a package for the self-employed. ... [Read More]
Last month, some economists were predicting a likely recession by 2021. But now that the coronavirus is crimping consumer spending, closing businesses, halting wages and... [Read More]
Ryan Breslin chats with a Vanderbilt economic professor about the stimulus bill. [Read More]
Chinese industrial businesses suffered their worst fall in profits in at least a decade at the beginning of this year, as the coronavirus outbreak forced... [Read More]
Chris Thornberg says the Southern California economy could see declines of 6% in the second quarter with even steeper losses in the region's GDP by... [Read More]
President Trump wants to restart the U.S. economy by April 12, but multiple economists, governors and health officials are expressing skepticism about that date... [Read More]
The average value of averting 1 COVID-19 patient death ranges from $600,000 to $4.6 million depending on what method is used to make the calculation. [Read More]
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